Tire stretching 18X9.5 on 225/45/18

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Rear:Rim 18x9.5Tire 225/45/18Front:Rim 18X8.5Tire 215/45/18pictures:

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That's not stretched... That's just fitted.
Brandon Bouknight
what's the width on this tire?
Brian De Leon
I think a 40 series would of been better, more stretch...
Those are NICE
Chris H
Looks perfect
Craftmax Cruz
tire makers should make a tire that looks stretch but is not stretch...so i wont be dangerous...
Dan Cardin
what brand of wheel is that???
Don ellis
What the hell is up with that high pitch noise
Evan Myers
Maybe he recently purchased the tires and upgraded the wheels and can't justify the price of a new set of tires? I'd say go for it and replace to the correct size when its due.
Hubert Chung
The guy isn't too careful with the rim. I see him using pry bar touching the inside lips. I would not trust him installing my $700 dollar a piece volk racing wheels
Jeff Darnell
Why not get the correct tire? This doesn't seem to be a professional shop or they wouldn't have agreed to do this as in some states it's against the law.
Jose Huerta
Where's the stretch?
Legendary Eagle
Its \
Marty Baker
That looks ridiculous. A tire's sidewall should always be out past the wheel. I'll n ever understand why people just don't buy the correct size tire. It looks like a clown car when installed.
Michael Houston
Those rims are hard though.
My Clips
Salvatore Giuliano
Perfect stretched tire! Props
Samual Jones
a 275 belongs on that rim.
Spinningtriangles brap brap
Stretching? I guess it is a look. Still don't understand why people do things to there cars just because it is popular. In my book if it does not upgrade the performance it is a waist I guess I am a true car guy.
UncleShrek Sanchez
There's no stretch, don't believe the tire size in the discrption is correct. Looks like the wheel is 8.5 not 9.5
Who Cares
Where's the stretch tho?
thats nice
a 9.5 width really the min size should be 245mm width tire...\n\n225 is not safe, plus no rim protections\n\ni like a lil bulge actually
gurpreet sidhu
is the off sett 20?
Say no to stretched tires kids.
What’s the offset dude
khoa tran
this one is 8.5 not 9.5 lol.
R.I.P headphone user's
ricardo guzman
Cant wait till this dude hits a sidewalk or a pot hole
silva wong
What tire size should i use for 18x8 front and 18x9 rear.i want just about the stretch in this video.not too much stretch.just for looks and comfort.thanx
win King
Nice fit
zhentrix calipso
He looks like Big Chief from Street Outlaws
ابو سعود