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Aakin AIK
WTF.wast time.
Ahmed Hassan
What is the Point?
Ajeet Kumar
Please apload hindi dubbed
Alex Cameron
Why does the good guy always have to die
Ashley Espinosa
Ang tipid sa budget.. 5 lang ang gumanap ng artista 4 lang pala kasi extra lang yong isa
Barbara Beedles
Smart move with the nail
Bernie Clawson
It was anything but a horror movie. Click bait.
Fernando Chavez
Pull the trigger and be a man! What a load of crap. I’ve pulled the trigger my far share. I consider myself a man, had nothing to do with triggers. Thanks
Ish Agarwal
Jackson K Emmanuel
So perfect
Johnny Draco
Horse whip the director, producer and writer(s) until they cry mama.
Jorge Colon
good movie
Juanita Orioque
wow very nice movie
Nice collection! 😊
Ladali Raj
Leonard Vaivada
When you are in the movies if you are going to kill the enemy kill them until they are dead.
Lo Raynal
Very bad dad
Lovely kaler Kaler
Bakwas movie a
NPC #7830069486485
good acting. good directing. terrible writing. badly unconvincing characters.
Owor Monday
Paulette Scott
Pretty good. You won't be disappointed if you watch this one. Thanks for the upload and sharing it with us.
maldito canal engañoso
Rimaldeep Kaur
What is the name of the movie
Sagar Kumar Pal
Plz improve the video quality minimum 720p required thanks
Sauer Sig
What is a dumb movie; with that much water, the car wouldnt go too far, he could chase her down . She could at least get get her car started before opens her mouth.
Vima Dingding
wow I want to watch more scary movies... I love so much horror story.......This is my collections.
Zad Yadav
black joker
It's a pretty good movie. thanks ✌🏾👏🏽👍🏾
denny baidal
watch the video first before comment lol
syd bell
اكرمي محمد