How to use Liquify tool in Photoshop, Body shape editing tutorial

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How to use Liquify tool in Photoshop,Body shape editing tutorialsource of the photograph : pixabaymaking : how to use liquify tool...Photoshop using liquify tool... editing body shape..------------------------------Keywords: How touseliquify toolPhotoshopBodyshapeeditingPhotoshoptutorialmanipulationtutorial

Adobe Photoshop (Software) Body Do It Yourself (Hobby) Perfect Software (Industry) Software (album) manipulation shape Tutorial (Media Genre)

nice tutorial it is surprising that someone can become so sexy in a jiffy
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Gary knight
Music with no words..Words?
what's the (several) undo button? I know cmd-z but that's just for one undo right? Btw, nice tutorial, once I slowed the speed about 2 times I could finally follow it.
James Garrahan
Too Fast
Murali Akella
What is the use with this video without audible explanation,and like a sitting in a spa what is that background sounds
Robert LC - Digital Artist
Man, I hope you asked the photographer and subject for permission...
xấu vc
Wendy McCoy
just showing off. Use your words