The Truth About Dolly Partons Life

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Ok i love Dolly sings it better
Alem Alia
so humble and pure
Aline Robichaud
your my special singer dolly my cat is dolly girl thank you for all those beautiful song and for being you
Alisa Lauzon
Oh cool i did not know she sang I will always LOVE you first... and thats how it was chosen for the movie !!!! Interesting
Anna Marcalleti
Austin Klein
Love her. She's AMAZING.
Have always loved Dolly. History & lyrics
Billie Bass
I'm from Tennessee and we all love and adore her.
Bj Littleton
You a dam liberial
Bridie King
I’m related to Dolly Parton
Callie Parton
I ❤ Dolly Parton
Candice Perry
Dolly Partton is my favorite singer Dolly Parton sings 9:00-5:00
Cheryl Adams
We need another Dean Martin. He would be somebody to love. Voice like no other.
Chris Bolin
The Pride of the Smokies
Claire tonix yeee well come back dia Nakayiki
i heart her 😍
Cloe Osborn
Dolly is so pure humble and an overall absolutely beautiful human being. She’s always been someone I look up to. She’s definitely my idol. I love her so much and can relate to her. We have a lot in common. Sometimes I feel like god has me and her connected some how. 🦋👼🏼💛
Talent, talent, TALENT
Daniel patrick
A legend peace and love from Scotland
David Elmekies
great singer !!!! great woman
David Harrison
i love everything about this lady .
Dayle Blair
Holy!!! What a pile of crap. lmao!!!
Deb Hayes
Dolly Parton is a beautiful and lovely woman.
Denise Clark Tillery
**She's Very humble & kind, to go thru all that. Love her**
Doug Smith
Dolly = Plastic .....just like an old barbie.....but this one comes with a \
Elizabeth Isaac
She is a hot num.1.
Celebrities arent that facinating. 🙄 Self-centered brats. Suicide attempts made by them are just to go out of this world with people pittying them. Regular people who have more struggles financially and emotionally have more reason to want to end their lives, yet they manage to go on, so this extra drama crap by famous people to end their lives is just plain bullshit. The main reason this happens with celebrities is their lack of trust in God. Suicide is seen by God as disobedience. Selfish disobedience. Because thats what that amounts to. Oh well, that will just leave more room for the rest of us who WILL be going to heaven. Adults who commit suicide wont be going to heaven. Says so in the bible. Duh 🙄
Faye Calder
Awesome person all around!
Fringe Beauty
Dolly is a beautiful soul, such a gift to this world. 💕
Gail Coley
Have Always loved Dolly.Since I was a young girl.Grew up with her music.
Gem 1967
Gramma Dee
THANKs. Seen Dolly many times with Porter in the 70s 80s a ranch in Reedsferry N H & 2xs in mass. Once with Porter & other with KENNY ROGERS must day i preferred Porter.
HB2017 USA5447
I LOVE DOLLY\n🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hannah a Banana
IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown
But dipped the ole wick there too, huh? I always thought he married Lonny as a look alike. Boy did that karma come along to him! He never really recovered financially. \nDolly did the opposite and still flourishes today!
Jack Kane
Great singer and a very warm human person,
Jade Zee
dolly parton is NOBODYS fool...
Jesus freak
Dolly has a beautiful spirit!
Jim C
A flaming Liberal...nuff said
Jo Shmo
She has one of the nicest teeth..
Jody Sams
I love you dolly keep on fighting for the lord I like to help to Dandridge tn my home town and she really help the needy in our area and her fam are great to
Joe Krukowski
thank for all you have don you are just great may god bless you
Joe Smith
I used to live in East Tennessee and delivered gas to Gatlinburg, driving through Pigeon Forge each week
Jon Menard
i love this woman
Julie Sunshine
210 comments but can't see even one!
Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ godmother?!?!?!? How cool is that!
Kaitlyn Calcote
Okay..the baby thing was kinda funny
Kylie Turnbull
Love u dolly
I saw her front row in concert she was the sweetest funnest person I ever seen! I hope I can see her again soon
Leslie Sauceman
Love her I'm from east TN where she is from. I can tell you she is genuine and has done so much for this area.
Lincoln Paul
Good singer, good writer, good actress, fabulous person
Linda Stanger
Amazing beautiful talented woman
Lorne Jim
She is a witch...easy to see... don't let the good ol country girl act fool you!
MEthat LovesCats
I can relate to her suicide story, but mine was a cat.
Maggie M
Prolly mind controlled in order to play all those instruments. Near unbelievable past? Try fiction.
Mardan P.
Never have been drawn to her or her songs, but I share her love of cemeteries :o)
Marti Neps
Dolly Parton I seen her at the Oakdale where Kenny Rogers I seen her at the New Haven Coliseum can't see her up there anymore because they tore it down she was a good singer always will be a good singer and I'll tell you for a woman of her age or body is still gorgeous as ever keep up the good work you sweet sexy thing
Mary Chambers
I will always have a special place in more heart for Ms Parton. I can remember her just starting out. I was about 6 when she was on the Porter Wagner show and I would have to mess around with the rabbit ears on our old black and white set praying the picture would come in. Then I would lay on my tummy in front of the set totally engrossed with her.
Meade Music
I'm Meade Skelton and I've had an interesting life!
Namakula Resty
i like her
Noori Nut
Great woman
Notgiven Notgiven
what do you mean, a figure
Pam Shearer
🌟 National Treasure 🌟 January 19 ,1946 age72 Thank you for putting heart into music over the years . Dolly Partton. 🎶😇
RP McMurphy
Drag queen.
They got one thing wrong. Dolly’s song I will always love you was known all over the world before Whitney sang it. In fact it is the only song that has been number one in four different decades. Dolly had a number one hit with that song and Whitney did a beautiful job and took it number one also. Another fact is Elvis wanted to sing that song, but his manager would not let him because Dolly refused to give up her publishing rights. Smart move on Dolly’s part.
Ronnie Bishop
Dolly is the queen of country music. At the studio she makes everyone nervous and excited to have her. Only royalty affected people that way!
Rosy Tube
Great icon beautiful person who amazing terlent! ox
Can't sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schmevie Schmeves
The woman is a legend, love her and love her music
Scott Hall
I am from Tennessee so I been to were she grew up a bunch
Scratch King
Miley is trash
Shawn Begley
I had a dream with Dolly just the other night !!!,,,,😎👑😈😂
Shelby Marsh
i just love dolly parton she is my favorite girl ever!!! i loved her ever since i was little i still love her till this day!!!😄😍😻
Shirley Senkler
Dolly Parton is the best. My mother was also a big fan of this talented lady.
Star Cherry
I've never even listened to her music though, but yet I know her so well
Steve2 Me
omg, D, come to me.
Tangina Taiyeba
She's someone who lives and breathes what she does.. a legend
The List
Dolly Parton is one of the greatest songwriters ever.
The Tin Man
False TITS and legs like a FKN GOLFclub 😊
Trent S
Wonderful human
Wayne McGillis
She is a lizard......
No disrespect intended....but....what's all this about her basically living with another woman for decades now, and she and her for-real husband living totally separate lives? I say there's a little too much smoke for there not to be some fire somewhere. ??
Yamika Yamaha
Dam she gorgeous before naturally...still a great country singer😘😘
annette fournier
Married since the 1960s and almost killed herself over a love affair with Burt in the 1980s. Hmmmm. Now Her and her husband's open marriage. That's a story.
Definitely inspirational. I love her
catherine coman
Giving back... with her father in mind
honey hush
She was raised in a Christian house hold. My mother couldn't read or write either. I'm 40 and I'm proud to have had modest loving religious parents like I did.
I grew about 35 to 40 min drive from where she was raised I am also an East Tennessee girl love dolly love her music and all her movies don't no why some people have to be rude maybe because there jealous you go dolly I will always love you
So humble, yet gifted beyond belief ! She's got it all over most of us , and makes it seem so natural . What a story hers is !
kath david
Demon head Dolly. the trans pantomime queen.
latino heat
Always liked her since the movie 9 to 5
Two doors down they were laughing and dancing and having a party
look at Burt Reynolds now. LOSER! can you imagine someone wanting to end her life over him. i'm glad Dolly survived his bs and is here today, and i wonder if she's too much of a lady to gloat over her success and beauty while old Burt is just OLD and WASHED UP!
pine Mapping
She is a transgender and also there are at least three Dolly Parton's
steve giroux
Just wow Dolly interesting life story.
tavia warner
Love Dolly!!
wendy pearson
She never ages and has the best surgeon! She so beautiful inside and out, I just love her spirit!