WOLFBLOOD S4E9 - Into The Wild (full episode)

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Fantasy drama following teenagers and their secret lives as wolfbloods. ----- This is the official channel for TV series "Wolfblood".Enjoy all the episodes, exclusive videos and information about your favorite series and be part of the Wolfblood-community. :)-----

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*Midnight *
Omg katrina is just like my mom in the car lmfao! \nLike if u can relate!
Abdullah Gamer
I like this so much
Alex moon
Idk why but i kinda ship Aron and Jana....😂🙃i'm so weird...
Cabdirashiid Quraan Ka adag
I watch Wolfblood two times and I like it
Cziane Aiva Soriano
i wish for another season where rhydian and maddy comesback
My heart still beats
Danie Smit
sill love the series plus the music is epic the more you listen to it every time i love it deeply \u003c3 like crazy in Love the music theme
Daphine Bontle
Erica Storr
Gaming King- TryHard
I hate emiila
Janine Meyer
I LOVE WOLFBLOOD 😀😀😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙💙💙💙💖💙🐺🐺🐺🐺
Kawaii Kitty
22:48 he's like what the hell just happen here
Keron Lutchman
I miss Mandy
Leocardia Theophil
maddie and rhydian arent coming back neither in this season nor the next,maybe in season 6......just maybe
Lezllian Casillas
why is that girl in TJ's wallpaper?
Mani Sha
this theme song is so cool .... 😍
MiaDaVis !
22:14 the cringe is real...
Mine Karlsen
I dont get why they always go to Norway, wolfs can be atlest sometimes of the year be legaly hunted.
Mitchelle Madzirashe
They are showing us too much Jana am bored
Mon Mon
Myrian Gonzalez
Wait did Meinir still lose her wolf, even after she got it back with the serum? Or did she become a tame wolfblood?
Og Bmlboss g
Rachel Dannheisser
Is that Selina I saw on TJ’s phone ?\n😏😏
Rashmitha pallawala
Whew is radian
Shavar Smith
Thank u for making this movie i love it
Symon Green
I love it
Three Dollars, Man.
i love this (but it was better with maddy, rhydian, tom and shanon)
Tichriliec Sabi
They are funny 😂😂😂
Unknown_ person
Why?!......It just happen so fast...on season 1 everyone was complete then on season 2 Maddy leave and as it continue season 3 Rhydian leave as of Shanon and Tom....and on Season 4 they change everyone except Jana,Katrina and Kay and There teacher as well....Whhyyyyy???I miss it all....I wish they would still be complete including the new actors with the new story as well😊
Vicky Aluoch Okelo
You guys are the best never stop
Wiki Ozzy2616
i love it soooooooooooooooooo much
Zana Ziya
I Like this show so much!❤️😂
carol 006
I love Wolfblood
hair by angelicya
when is maddy & Riddian gone come back??
moses bill
Ilove this show
nicole spence
I love wolfblood so much 😀☺😊😁😃😄😆😍😙😘😚
qusai olayan
i miss rydian and the other girl (his girlfriend)
vanessa gaming
I wish maddy and rhydian are back on wolfblood 😿😿😿
Awesome :)
I love ❤😘 the part with Maddy ☺☺😊😙