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Watch the group perform their full dance number, The Bite, from Episode 9 (Nothing's Fair in Abbyville) of Dance Moms Season 4.Subscribe for more Dance Moms: Dance MomsSeason 4Episode 11Nothing's Fair in AbbyvilleWelcome to Lifetime's YouTube Channel!Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at for more info.

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I would love to see Chloe or Kendall get a special part in one of the group dances.
Alicia Horton
Anyone else notice at 1:03 Nia has trouble taking her hood off?
Ashley Cabrera
Who Else Noticed That Nia Struggled Getting The Hood Thing Off? 1:04
BJK Triplets
I love this dance!
I really want to see Chloe and Kalani do a solo. They're bot beautiful dancers with gorgeous legs and extensions. I wonder what it would look like.
Canal Das BFF
i love dance moms
Cianna Alexander
Great costumes in this number. They would win each and every single time if the girls would do aleast 3 turns together. Instead of it always being Maddie.
Cookie Crisp
No offense, but even though Kendall wasn't really the lead, she wouldn't have pulled it off very well. Kalani suited the role more.
Dammy Olafuyi
Just stop that Maddie is awesome u don't always have to be the best to win or be famous
Dani Schweigert
Who sings this song?
Daniela Rodriguez
My eyes where on kalani the hole time
Danny 54
ABBY is a monster , would not want  my kid going  too her , hard too ever think of her dancing ?  she knows how too eat for sure , don't like the way she talks and humiliates her kids  , she won't put  maddie up against Kalani because she knows Kalani is a much better dancer . Abby knows it too .
Deressa Evans
what song is rhis
Eileen R.
kalani and maddie would make amazing actresses
Fatimah Al-Taie
when they took off there hoods nia hood did not come off
I don't trust Maddie... I never did... That little trader!
My fave dance! So original \u003c3
Genevieve Schorr
I thought it was great but I admit I miss Brooke and Paige! I do really like Kalani as well, but the Hylands are or were such a great part of the team.
Hannah May
I meant a good way
Hey Siri
I love maddie, don't get me wrong. But I feel that her facial expressions in this one was not really accurate. The dance is supposed to be a little dark and all I saw was that big smile plastered on her face. Seriously I think Chloe or kalani as the main role would be smarter. Their technique at that time is around the same or maybe a higher level than maddie. So there shouldn't be a reason why they could not be the lead. Just my opinion 🤷\u200d♀️
Holly Boggs
Chloe should of gotten the special part cause Abby said Chloe is her #2 girl, so she should take maddies part
Jane Doe
i loved maddies attitude at the end
Jhoana Villegas
No me Busto es feo ❤💜😘😂😑💅💃💏✌🐩
Katelyn Mcgrath
Kendal was meant to have the lead in the dance but she gave it to Maddie again
Katherine Oppedahl
does anyone know of there's a way to download this song?
Kaya is cool
i couldn't stop watching kalani and maddie
Kenesis Kill
Audio swap with safe and sound
Kirstine Marie
Lisa Ho
the thumbnail
I love how at 1:20 Maddie has to adjust her fingers so she won't be touching the bite
Manana T
i lovee this dance
Mari Rice
I love you MacKenzie , Maddie and Kaliye you good some move like jagger
Melanie Martinez fan
Abby's face in the thumbnail
Multifandom Videos
At 1:03-1:06 nia had a little trouble getting off her hood
Nada Hrhor
cool so so so so so so so cool i want to be in dance moms
Nilda Latorre
abby sure is having a good time
Once Upon A Time Storybrooke
oh my god that was awsome can you guys plz do a part 2
Pet House
Just saying Maddie was early on her jump at 0:39\nShe is a good dancer but she needs to count in her head...
Psyche *SWSCA*
Maddie is so fabulous here
Reagan Weeks
Maddie looks evil
Salyah Dows
Are they all maddie or somthing?!!? Im confused
Scooter Greenwall
If abby wants to put her best foot forward, it should be maddie front and center, kalani next to her and chloe also in the front to the side. Behind them should be kendall nia and mackenzie. I love aldc, but sometimes i think they lose because they make silly blocking descisions.
Shawanna Charles
The thumbnail tho
I really assumed that this was going to be a dark number, at least it was until Maddie did that stupid smile. I don't understand why CrAbby didn't feature Chloe in this dance because she knows that Chloe is a better actor than Maddie is and can pull off dark pieces perfectly. Overall the dance was nice, and I liked that Kalani got to be featured a bit. She's a lovely dancer
Sofo Safaridze
Everyone was saying kendall should have gotten the lead, but just think for one minute kendal will never be able to bring so much emotion to her face (as maddie does it everytime) and most importantly maddie changes her emotions trought every dance. ( as it is needed)
I totally thought the music in this number was going to be darker and creepier. great group number though! all did very well! 
Teshaya Jervis
Did anyone take in Nia's face when the hood got stuck to her bun? 😂 1:05
Tony Thomas
By the title i thought abby was hungry again..... UH OH
_jennifer valle_
Why does Nia get in trouble but kalanis hood came off too early?
aaliyah luisa
The bite was a really good dance but Abby should have put a boy in the dance to make it more realistic but they all did very good but when they all were pulling down there head thing that one girl I forgot her name her head thing got stuck Abby was mad\n
alex brianna
I thought the girls were amazing in this number. They totally deserved to win! 
This is such an underrated dance
brenlynn falcon-mase
Maddie doesn't look evil at all in this number. Kendall looks great in cute numbers. I like the number though
The dance moms clips I use to be able to watch and now I can't because you made them unavailable in my country :( why did you do that??
jacob x swaps
I'm obsessed with this dance
Upload kalani's solo, please.
mikayla w
Did anyone notice that both kalani and Nia had trouble with their hoods?
wow amaze
n y a
0:13- 0:18 is my favorite part
Maddie's acting and facials are simply amazing.
whats that move that Kalani does at 00:46 and 00:49 its amazing!
winnie bear
what song?
0:13 so sassy