Wu Tang Collection - Dragon's Claws

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ActionDirector: Lo Jun KuStarring: Hwang Jang Lee, Jimmy Liu, Yuen QuiAn exiled member of the Dragon Boxing sect, Ling Ko Fung, arrives in town to claim leadership of the sect by challenging Lung Chen Tien in a duel. The winner of the duel will receive the sacred golden tablet and become sect leader. Lung Chen Tien dies after the match but Ling Ko Fung notices that the tablet is a fake and vows to obtain the original at any cost!Subscribe to the Wu Tang Collection now and enjoy the best in Martial Arts Action and Entertainment! Go to

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keep your gates closed folks. dont let any bad guy just walk in
a lil pedophilia
David Morales
This SHIT RIGHT HERE IS A 10, great fight scenes throughout the entire movie. I will watch this one over again....
Derrick German
Classic kung fu
Ebrima Jawara
Top classic
Bom seria em potugues.. Pode cer obrigado. Por favor muitas grasas.
Jimmy Argueta
John Ezekiel Lopez
guys how about uploading the movie titled. ten tigers of kwantung.
Jordanzillia Gilliam
That pissing part with the kids had me little nervous but still good old school
Lemuel Bonner
Just like that
Nga Nguyen
Q Waters
Ranu Miah
Great movie
Shaman Gong
Super villain Hwang Jang-lee was awesome in this one, finally taken down by a vengeful son highly trained in secret dragon styles. Awesome fighting scenes but could have done without the awkward pissing scene.
I remember him as \
Teboho Moloi
Great demo of Taekwando
Wehr Wolf
Old School Skull Cracking Goodness👊🐲👊
You’re my queen
Great movie
genesis obscura
This was my childhood movie at our local cinema hall. I still think 1980 was 10 years ago. Time passes but memory prevails 😭😭 😭...
marc chesley
Mouse is in this as the son! I love mouse!
I still own this movie Dragon's Claws on the VHS cassette and this an action packed kung fu C-L-A-S-S-I-C film.
عاشق الحزن بكر
That's good. My friend
Thank you. I love Kung fu movies