Saleen S7 AWD Dyno Tune, 2200+AWHP 25PSI

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Saleen S7 AWD Racing Dyno Tune Drag

2014 joegamer
This is why the saleen s7 turbo is my favorite car ever, freaking love it.
AKidWhogivesTheL _
gawd damn god'S RIDE
Aiden HEHE
Goodness, if it wasn't tied down. someone would've been killed. What a beast.
Akash Rana
Sounds like jet
Aldrig Sige
Damn near outran the dyno
Alex Swander
I wanna this thing in action. I just wanna see it race
It must be powered by Chuck Norris in a hamster wheel!
Andy Huff
That is badass you know it's got power when it takes almost a minute to even slow down the rpms lol
Avetho Plays
I find myself coming back here for a big lasting smile :D\nAs you can see, by the raw Bald Eagle powers being unleashed, hurricane force winds were felt throughout the dyno bunker. Yes, dyno bunker as a room would fall down in shock.
Barry Macokiner
Oh my actual Jesus....
Brock Maine
And that's a 7 liter 427 ford Motor boys and girls no one I mean no one can make a better motor than america for speed and power. American V8s are the only motor on earth that can do 300+mph in 1320ft so suck it JDM fans
Holy Shit! It almost leaps off the ground!
Camilo Flores
La verdadera competencia debería ser quien le saca mas kilometros por galon y no andar fanfarroneando con potencias que no la vas a usar en ninguna parte.
Cars Uncovered
I had to pick my jaw off the
I've been wondering what the Space Shuttle's replacement will be...
Darkside Oreo
0:40 is it floating?? O:
Denis Kovacevic
That thing eats children.
If you think \
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
at 0.43 everything felt slow motion
Eggly Bagelface
Amyuricah, fook yeh!
Elijah Roseberry
Yea this car sucks though..all the power and it wasnt that fast
Is this the one that got screwed up on that drag strip?
I HAVE to see this on a drag strip.
That's about the last time I'd do a dyno pull with that thing, the bouncing and swaying back and forth they were freaking lucky that S7 didn't turn into a pile of garbage. Holy Crap
Good lord what a beast
szacunek kurwa
Jason Johnson
One less strap and that thing's going through the wall!
Jd Singh
just WOW. mind=kaboom never seen a car flex that much on a dyno lol.
Joe Howard
If those straps broke, this thing would go flying into orbit!
Joel Foreman
Now I see what all the straps are for…..hahha
John AK
Ohhh, brutal... dancing in dyno haha LOL!!!!
0:38 Now entering spacecraft mode.
Justin Love
Jesus lol.
Keith Boutte
The things you can do with a Saleen S7
Keith Day
Yea but this car did horribly in the UNLIM 500 + event. Producing power is one thing. Effectively putting it to the ground is another. I don't know if it was the tune or  what but it woudn't rev up for shit on the straights plus it was smoking smh. A sad day for the Saleen
Kevin Letterman
This link is broken. Only plays for a few seconds.
Keyur Monpara
00:40 rocket mode activated.
That thing was about to fly lmao.
Lil Tito
How did that guy survive??
because murica
Matthew Skidmore
How many gallons to the mile did you say??
Michael Homer
That thung sounds amazing!
Mike C
Billet...Billet EVERYTHING!
Mista Blasian
When the devil challenges god to a drag race....
Mr. DPJ21
1:00\n*walks towards car*\n*car rumbles*\nDONT APPROACH THE BEEAASST
Nicolas Cage
Im surprised the driver is still inside the car and didn't warp back in time to fucking 1722
Nikolay Bogoslavets
Ещё одно доказательство что автоваз попросту разваровывал деньги )
At first I thought, wow, that is a lot of tie down straps... After the run I thought, wow, they need more tie down straps...
10/10, don't even know what to say. AWESOME.
Protect the BACON!!!!!!
koenigsegg eat your heart out
Imagine being in that thing on the highway with a clear road at full throttle
here lambo lambo lambo
Rober Montoya
Hay grandisímo hijodelasmil Putas!!! :O
dyno almost destroyed 
Sach Alvarez
you must liberate the beast and make it rwd
I want those straps!!
Она чуть не взлетела )
The Urban Archaeologist
Unbelievable... Wow.
This Dood
Chuck Norris tuned a Saleen S7. This is the result.
Tim Flaherty
That turbo whin is hypnotizing
Trigga 1
Need 3 more straps for me to even come close to that thing during dyno. Camera mans a brave man. Most monstrous dyno I've seen on u tube.
Vadim Don
That is some ridiculous torque
William Guglielmo
Houston, we have liftoff..
I want to see this car in the road!!
I've finally found it! The mechanical sound of omnipotent fury, and hate. \nGood God that is the greatest sound ever.
alan leung
dear santa...
I'd like to see this race the Badd GT that makes 2500HP and has a top speed of 283mph
autistic mandem
Would like to see this car shit on some UGR lambos and Alpha GTRS :)
cameron robertson
R.I.P that hose on the wall
dan wieland
if I had this much power I would go back in time and kick the crap out of J.R.R Tolkien and make it so \
looked like a damn monster chained up and trying to escape from the gates of hell
Straps?? You should chain that beast!
generic MoDz
Sad thing is this did shit in unlim500 and couldn't get to high revs
Big block power right there, thats crazy power for 25psi. I'm pretty sure its a pro line racing engine, can make 4,000 hp on full boost.
65 honda fan boys dislike this..
Pretty sure that slowed Earth's rotation.
Ford power
Nothin a prius couldnt handle
this car can actually pull the whole earth
supra what??
it's trying to escape!!!1
renatas Michailovas
Jesus Christ :0
ronald b
Sweat Jezus monkey ballz
sergei vladimirov
welcom to russia
I FULLY understand that this car was built with one purpose in mind... TO DESTROY A DRAGSTRIP like NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!! But hey... KUDOS for making a Bugatti Veyron SS like it's child's play in the performance division... :D
wow.. no more words.
Hahaha! Great comments! I'm wondering when we'll find the limits of the gasoline engine. They seem to keep making more and more power.
holy sheeeeiitt
Holy Lee Fook!
The guy in the drivers seat should have a 5 point and a helmet!!! Haha
Łukasz Pacześny
O kurwa O_O
Chuck Norris tune up
Мага Дагов