Fortnite season 4 on the Nvidia 940mx 1080p Acer Aspire E 15 budget gaming laptop i5-7200u

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system: Acer Aspire E 15 ( E5-575G-52RJ )cpu: I5-7200u Kaby lake 3.1ghzmemory: 16gb 2133mhz ddr4gpu: Nvidia Geforce 940MX 2gb OCos: Win10 fall creators update, recorded with windows game dvrres: 1080p low settingsClick on the link to subscribe:

1080p 940mx E5-575G-52RJ Fortnite a... acer budget campaign gameplay geforce i5 i5 7200u intel kaby lake laptop multiplayer nvidia pc season 4

Abdirahim Issa
Why do you land at dusty you're not even that good
i have the exact same laptop but mine is way worse it can launch the game but it gets so laggy as my fps drops from 30 to like 1 sometimes the game even crashes
Ankush Menon
I have ddr5 nvidia 940mx 4gb graphics still it can only run on low my pc defected?
Ariel Borquez
Yo tengo el mismo compu pero va con lag isi va con lag es por el Internet WiFi
What would be the recommended setting for this labtop to not lag, or reduce the lag?
Clorox Bleach
i would set everything to low except view distance as thats the most importance...textures dont improve how god you are as it just makes the game look better but if you have the 3d to 100 its all gucci
Cryptic_Aariz-Fortnite & More
Can you look far with no blur?
Donald TrumpTM
Is this the 370$ model?
Dorcho gaming
I am with same setings and get 140 fps with no fps boost
I have the Same Laptop but i habe just got 20 fps
Emiro Andrade
Hello, I want to buy a laptop with 12gb ram ddr4, i5 7thgen and gt 940mx 4gb. How so good run fortnite?
Fishing Frenzy
Is this the computer out of the box this pc is only 370 right?
One question : I want to buy a laptop with 8gb ram core i5-7300HQ and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4gb ..... Is it good?? It's Acer Nitro 5
Indie Gamer
Recorded using?
JP LlagaYT
Hey dude how do you record benchmarks? \u003c3
Jad Assaf
I'm gonna buy the aspire e15 with 6gb ddr3 940mx 2gb gddr5 and core i5 7200u. Will i get like 60fps at 1080p low settings?
Jdwolf 21
Jorcy Gale
I obviously have the same laptop as you, but somehow mine stutter a lot! Like my normal fps is 60-70 every few seconds it drop to 10 and return back to normal 24/7. Any idea why?
Where can you get the version with the nvidia and how much does it cost
Khai The God
Link me the laptop please
I have same laptop , but i got problem stuttering if fps drop until 40 ? Wht shld i do?
Lazer IGN
Would you recommend
M1sticZ - Fortnite & more
I love ur vids bro, but seriously I CANT have one because it doesnt ship from amazon to my country(belgium) or noone in belgium sells des OP laptops...
Did this pc coste 380 $ ? Please
No Chill
The newer model definitely makes Fornite more playable with better settings but this is still amazing for the price
R U D E Bboy YT
Good video bro I appreciate that you reply to every comment u can,\nThx for the benchmark
Rafael Rivadeneira
How do you check
How much?
Snow Leopard_yt
I think I’m gunna get one
Stephen Andrei L. Manalo
What is the difference of 370 to the 599 version
Subscribe to SovkhanYT
Hey I'm gonna but this budget laptop do I need a monitor my budget is $350 I can only buy the laptop is that fine?
TH8 bases galore
Hey so I might get this it looks playable do you think I should get it?
The Product
U r very helpful
Did you upgrade this computer at all?
Three Explorers
In the lobby you were shooting at the player's penis
Can you play cs go on this laptop?
kj_allott04_ x
what , I didn't kniw that you can change/ upgrade the gpu. my gpu is trash and when I try and play fortnite, none of the texturesmload in and I cant move and no matter how long I stay in the game, the game stilldoesnt load in Dx @Delfin Games
zyph vfx
Try h1z1 with this pc