The Ultimate Beauty Retouching Photoshop Tutorial

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Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" DESCRIPTION:This tutorial is all about beauty retouching and how to use adjustment layers, lighting, dodging and burning, and frequency separation to create stunning skin tones and textures for a true beauty photography retouch. This tutorial should work just fine with most versions of Photoshop and you can even download the RAW file I’m using and follow along as we move through the tutorial!

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enjoyed this, educational, great tutorial. I do retouching myself. Hard to find work tho :( lol
Very good tutorial...frequency seperation is so powerful...I dod not know to use it twice..\ngood result!!! 1000 LIKES!!!
Al Gillar
Just a note on your eye retouch. You refer to the white of the eye as the retina. You can't see the is in the back of the eye. The white of the eye is called the sclera. I did like the way you presented each part. Thank you for an excellent tutorial.
Amin BiGi
i love u man \u003c3
András Bihari
Hi, thank you it is very useful! Can you tell me what camera did you use?
Andy Blanco
oooooh maaaaan what a tutorial, thx.......
Anees Haris
also thanks for giving file links
Aylin Yilmaz
i like your style :) nice sharing many thanks.
Beryl Chan
Very complete facial retouching tutorial with tons of small but useful tips. Nice work.
Is this rlly all for free. I started lovin retouchin n took it seriously only bcos of u. U r so generous. This step by step process helps us to understand wat v hv do next. Thank you soooooooo much
Bob M
Excellent job, and great step-by-step workflow for retouching. One thing that comes through is the \
Great Tut but about the noise...would it not be better warping the noise pixels to fit her face and neck oppose to just leaving the noise layer on top?
Cat Neko
awesome! it is very nice of you to explain the steps and the reason why we should take those steps.\n\nthanks for your sharing!
Charles Netzler
I bought this tut and now its free?
Christine A. - Suitcase of Experience
Well explained, although I am really not a fan of blurring the skin and then adding \
Cloudia Chen
Enjoyed it so much! Like your video a lot~
Colin Powell
It's so weird watching this as a digital painter. What I do is start with the planes of colour and work it up into a human-looking doll, then add all the little stray hairs, marks and things that make your brain say \
This tutorial rocks!!!!!! Thanks a ton!!!!
Daniel Prozeller
You are very generous! Thank you. I am getting into architectural photography. Do you have any videos or courses using photoshop for that type of photography?
Daniel Todorov
Thanks for the great tutorial :) One comment though, the white part of the eye is called sclera, not retina. The retina is on the back of the inner side of the eye.
Danny Geveling
this is great! thumbs up and subscribed. thanks very much. I have just starting to earn money with photography and its because I retouch for long time on each picture. your way looks better but it even takes more time than I already use. now here is the thing: I ask around 245 euro for complete shooting with one picture and I have alot of clients who will pay it (regular people) because they see how much time I spend. but in reality if I calculate all my time I have to charge double that price. would you please explain to me how anybody would pay for that? because I wouldnt dare to ask more. but I only want to deliver the best so I dont want to downgrade my retouching. its kind of my selling point because other photographers in the area charge 60 bucks for all pictures they take. please help me you could be a saviour for clearing this up for me. if you dont have time to awnser I inderstand so thanks again for learning this.
Dave Jr
Your better than Phlearn lol
Desmond Edwards
Quite possibly the best tutorial I've seen!!! Thank you so much for taking us through this.
E Derville
EDC Gadgets
Thank you so much, finally a video that includes all the techniques, so I don't have to jump around in different vids, to memorize them seperately.
Efrain Sueldo
Excellent , great teacher
Farooq Ahmed
oooohhhh that was amazing even i have no wrds to show you jst hats off :)
Fernando Pinales
This tutorial is such a joy! I watched it and applied every step alongside, my image came out great!! Can't wait to show the model! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!
Florian Egger
im really blown away by this video\nthanks alot :D
literally, helped me so much\nty
Guenter Porzer
Thanks so much for this video - the most comprehensive video on topic I've seen !
Hugh Mobley
great video! but you talk too fast!
Ian Vargas
Probably, \
Ismail Antor
James Lyndon
18:24 How to photoshop someone to look like a tribal warrior
James Raymond Sanduski
Excellent tutorial! Thank you!
Jan Prototyp
sehr sehr geil ....
Jesse Pedyfoot
i have a question. when i did the FS and i add the layer between high and low. when i use a brush and try to sample a color; my brush doesnt sample a color. it remains the same white color. what am i doing wrong?
Jignesh Sakhiya
John Lovelady
Dude! Great vid! You've packed a ton of information that's definitely going to make my Ps time more productive. Thanks!
Jose Montoya
Thank you SO MUCH!!! I been looking for a video like this for a VERY long time. I'm looking forward to watch more of your videos and as soon I can get some money, I would love to buy your course. Thank You SO MUCH and good bless you.
Justin Hollaway
AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! Thank you for this!!!
Kamile Markauskaite
Thank you! Very helpful :)
Koldest Ever
Sir, you are heaven sent! Great tutorial and beautifully explained. Thank you from your newest subscriber!
Magical Studio
really nice is never watch a youtube video that is almost an hour long
Mark DeMarte
My God....this tutorial is like taking a whole course in retouching. How can any of us thank you. What is even more unbelievable is that valuable storehouse of information was free.
Max Pfi
Best tutorial i've watched in a while! Thank you!
Quick nitpick to a great video: the white part of the eye around the iris is *not* the retina. The retina is the lining inside your eye where the rods and cones are to actually process color. The word you're looking for is the SCLERA.
Mostafa Atef
u are awesome man\n thank's a lot
Mukul Sharma
i learned alot from your videos .. thank you
Myke D
Nice job. Would have been great if you had added a before/after comparison at the end.
Wonderful work.
Nguyen Hoang
I have to say...rarely do i watch a video and say 'holy shit' multiple times. Crazy what you did here with the retouching. Seriously amazed lol
Great tutorial!
Philip Lyndon
thanks. great amount of info easy to follow and very effective results.
Quang Nguyen
PS God!
Rachel Grace Gerst
great tutorial! but it bothers me when you call the sclera the retina hahah
Recep Buyukguzel
learning photoshop and also learning fast English listening channel! :)\nThank you!
Richard A. Lee
Absolutely the best tutorial for beauty retouching
Rimantas Bagdonaas
:) (y)
Ron Del Debbio
The Best I have seen Thanks!
Rotem Binder
talk slower! its so hard to keep up!
Ruslan Bykov
MINDBLOWING! Thanrs a lot for sharing this awesome technique!!
Sebastian Wegerbauer
very cool, greetings from austria :)
Simon Baker
Very cool) Thank you!!!)
Simon Sardina
Thanks Tutvid. This is so awesome!!!!! I always follow your videos, And thanks again for sharing your talent and professionality
Soren Bagley
Super informative. I disagree with the artificial texture but besides that it was awesome
Stephen Clare
amazing!!! this is so valuable! thank you so much for providing the files to follow along with!
Studio Post
thank you!
Tihi Andrew
amazing job dude, subscribed :) you upload nice stuff
Tony Jose
Mate, you are a legend. Sharing knowledge is great, not many do this. Thank you
Tudor Rusu
I only came to this video because I like your channel, but honestly, frequency doubles the work that you have to do on a beauty image, it's easier to clean with the healing brush on a blank layer and then move on to dodge and burn and only then smooth the thing with FQ. Great use of tools anyways, I did enjoy this altogether. Great tutorials on the channel.
Tyler Gilliam
you sound like Robert Downy JR.
Vash Wolfwood
Very impressive and useful!! Thanks heaps mate, ill be using a wide range of the techniques you have displayed. Thank you for also aiming it at people who already know how to use photoshop and just want to learn some cool stuff. Thumbs up for you good sir :)
Zia Moni
its great, thanks for this
Superb tutorial, one thing tho, I recommend the 'dust & scratches' filter over 'gaussian blur' because it keeps the general lines of the image in tact, while with blurring the lines get washed out.
She's wearing contact lenses :)
camilo fernandez
you are to loco with the skills man. But yea it works i really like the skin texture layers with grain you did. I have been editing for few years but my problem always comes at color correction when i am editing batches of the same model. But thanks for the crazy edit.
devika bajaj Rules
Man you are awesome.. 😘😘😘😘
esteban troncoso
wow, maestro!
By far the most thorough and complete tutorial on portrait retouching. Easy to follow. Very informative. Scott Kelby should hire you for \
joe Johnny
this is a GREAT GREAT tutorial,thank you so much!
joseph gablines
Awesome tutorial, This will increase my little knowledge, Thank you Bro. i keep watching
juwel rana
u r a boss
Thanks a lot!
loOlla kh
thank u thank u thank very beautiful 😍😍
Thank u, great tutorial!
It really is a fascinating aspect of human psychology how we would rather a facade, even if we know about it, than what is true.
1:04 Liquify\n2:22 Hair Symmetry\n4:44 Frequency Separation 1\n13:02 Frequency Separation 2\n16:58 Artificial Skin Texture\n24:15 Blemishes Only\n25:16 Eyebrows\n28:27 Eyes\n41:40 Dodge and Burn\n47:20 Curves\n48:40 Frequency Separation 3 - Sharpness \n50:09 Color Grading
Dude. Greaty vid. 10 sheets of notes. Please slow down next vid. thanks anyway.
rohit khanvilkr
Toooo GoooD! Thanks a lot...
snap soon
this is freeking awesome. just watched the whole video. my mind is blown away. Editing one photo is enough but what if you have to do all that effects to say 20 photos. thanks bro. ur a genius.
i got question about Frequncy Separation, i saw many times different method like using gaussian blur about 50px on low freq.sep. layer. Im kinda confused which method is better or is it just different and all doin the same effect?
ॐVselennaya MoyBogॐ
Poorly retouch
It is the best tutorial for beauty shoot editing