Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition // Sound!

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➟ About the Video:An incredibly rare Saleen S7 Competition unloading at CF Charities Supercar Weekend.➫ Facebook Page: Intro by vfxbro⇝ Subscribe For More ⇜

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Acrez Beats
i have this car
Biohazard España
For some reason the back reminds me the Mclaren F1 LT
Awesome find! The S7 is a car that doesn't get enough attention. I'll take one of those over a Veyron.
E Honda
Bruce Almighty? :) just remember
Even today, there isn’t a single hyper/super/high performance car that this at least can’t keep up with.
Ian Irizarry
you could change the plates from 248 mph to 300+ with some more boost and a taller final drive
Pure American muscle.
Luis dias
This car is rapid!
Mikael Soltaniha
Any engineers or mechanics here that could explain to me very shortly how a V8 from Audi and Saleen here could differ so much - sound wise?
Monnie 247
How many lbs of down force is the spoiler putting down?
Nelson Umanzor
Midnight club 2
Rolan Schneider
Terminal Doc
Even to this day, and even though its not as fast, I still have MILES more respect for the S7 than the Hennessey Venom.
bryan schneider
that scare me
I always loved the Saleen production line. Though, I still wonder why this beast was a V8 and not a V12.
1:57 Saleen and Mosler together. You don't see that often
what a sound, and what a car!!
What an amazing sound...a masterpiece!! Love this monster!!