Saleen S7 Twin Turbo on the Highway

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This is the FINAL video of this supercar. I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to record this beautiful car. The owner is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, a really nice guy. Special thanks to him for letting me do this! Also, want to give credit to Black Wolf Automotive Specialties Located in Woodbridge, Virginia! They do awesome work there go check them out!

Driving Inside S7 Saleen Turbo Twin corner edition engine galleria mall rev revving s... special start through thru turbo tysons up upscale

1dirosa1 .Michael Dirosa
\\LOL driving it like a PUSSYY
Lol I wonder what your driving?
I've actually seen this exact car at the shop that bought it. Freaking beast, this is northern VA on I-95. I'll never forget seeing this car s7's are the best!
Because the only people who can afford to buy these are mostly old, and from past experences, VERY slow
Albert Hofmann
guy drivin it nos fuck all about cars i bet
Alex A
Isn't it Rob's car?
Dont read this. if you post this comment on 10 videos in 2hrs the closest friday will be ur lucky day.If you dont you will die in 2 days.
Bleu Print
It's got the rear end o a muscle car and a body of a Ferrari
Cindy Sue
Would be neat if Steve built another S7.
Cortez Taylor
Why is the s7 fast but bad handling
Cosmic Velociraptor
One thing I like about America is your huge roads with wide lanes.
Can't beat that V8 sound!
lloks mean in the rearview mirror... such a massive ride.
You don't really get that supercar sound at low revs. Sounds a bit like at motorbike at that RPM.
@RealMCR12 Seriously? How is it legal for it not to have brakelights? That's strange.\n\nAwesome awesome video though man, that is a once in a lifetime thing! +1
E500 Tunes
this is ..... really ONE OF OMG cars !!!!
Ethan Edwards
0:58 nice signal, fuckhead
I was going to say...I thought the Highway looked familiar!
you are too good at filming and driving. I don't get it. I've tried, its really hard! anyway great vid! lol @ the SL trying to keep up with it
Ian Marthia
Iosif Belega
Candy shop !?
lol i love you you're sassy haha xD cheers man great video
Jamey Owens
why do people drive fast cars slow and slow cars fast???
Leonardo Figueiredo
Civilized mode enabled
Mark Harmon
You do know that this Saleen  S7 TT owner is a complete idiot , he is destroying the engine by going 55 mph on this highway !!!!!!!!!!
Matt Maran Motoring
Lol that mercedes that was chasing him was driving like an idiot. Awesome footage though!! Sad that this is the last video!
Not everybody drives what they want. You drive what you can afford. I have a hard time believing that you even have a car.
Great set of videos. I'm very impressed. Thank you very much. Cheers ; )\n\n- Mina
Mission Rebus
I want that car soooo bad! plus its red in the video, and that would be the colour I want it to be.
Neb T
holly fuck dude is that clip from 1:37 TO 1:45 in woodbridge va? cuz i live like 10 minitues away from there and i drive on that road- route 1- every day.--
Neil PSM
Filming while driving?! Isn't that a bit dangerous?
Plusquamperfekt Elmasulsa
you Stalker xD
@subaruwrxfan that mercedes was actually the saleen's owner friend..he was trying to keep anyone to get behind the saleen for safety reasons..the saleen doesnt have any breaklights.
Depressing, I was waiting for him to get on it and he never did.
+1 perfect video :)
Saleen Collett
Thats my name
Saucer Pass
@BlackH3art77 it's up for sale thats why.
SquallySnow 4698
My dream car
What does that guy do in order to afford that car!?
TAN tian sheng
lol it's loong and sexy
I wait 2mins for him to pull it......nothing happened mix bowls cop central though
I think it's because people driving fast cars want to show them off by driving slow and people driving slow cars drive fast to show how fast their crappy car can go.
This is my dream machine
Cause they don't wanna wreck it?
Isn't that Woodbridge Va at 1:35??
alex castro
god I would die for a car like that dude no doubt about it
nice, does he bring it to cars and coffee
@RealMCR12 I put a thumb down your mom ;)
I know the owner of the car. The car is actually sitting in my shop right now. Amazing guy who owns it and an equally amazing car.
The only part of this car a ZR1 or a Viper GTS will see is the back end .
brad innes
what a vagina.. might has well posted a picture not a video.....
It look's to me as if it's the highway exit to downtown norfolk
denzel edward
I always loved this car
Somebody ticket that black Mercedes for failure to signal
thanks for the video....but it was somewhat borning but i still liked it\n
iknowthas rightbaby
the guy looks scared
looks like it was around martinsville and close to north carolina.
The only thing I don't like about this car is the back part of it. It looks way to long and out of proportion
Wow you actually filmed this about a mile away from my house. That's my exit on the right at 1:00
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Who is the best American super car designer? Jack, John, Chip, or Steve?
tiago gonçalves
eu já mercedes brabus plymouth road runner já vi uma mustang,maverik mas um saleen tá dificiul de ver um deses\n