How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

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In this video, you will learn how to remove anything from a photo in Photoshop.We will use three techniques that will allow you to remove distracting objects from your photos. The first two techniques in this tutorial will allow you to remove small things from your photos. While the third technique will be more advanced and will allow you to remove anything from a photo using Photoshop.Content-Aware Playlist► CREDITS● Stock Images provided by● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

How To Remove Anything From a Photo In Photoshop Remove Things in Photoshop Removing Things From a Photo how to remove anything in photoshop remove anyth...

Ali Fanstone
thats cool
Great tutorial. I don't have a newer photoshop program, and the old one I have made my head hurt so I put it aside. Whenever I get the program I feel that I will be better prepared.
Ant Pruitt
i clearly need more practice in PS. Lol! Nice video!
Ashish Jangir
Which Photoshop is this?
Athan Shmathan
I knew most of this stuff, but it was fun watching someone else do it. haha And I did learn some new things as well, like the content-aware fill option. Bravo, Sir!
Bashar Kabawa
very impressive
Best Cellular, Inc.
You are AWESOME!!!
Beth C
What I learned? I learned that my jaw hitting the floor is painful, but I can always clone brush the bruises away LOL
The advances in the program are amazing! I love the patch feature. Wow I never used the clone stamp tool this way! Fantastic tutorial on the more complicated way. Thank you so much for this Jesus!
Catherine Dame
Best PS tutorials ever. I'm personally really intimidated by all the tools and features, and channels like these allow me to see how they exist to make my life easier, so thank you!
There is! Say something that I don't know. *flip clone stamp* . Holy Jesus! It is new for me. Thanks.
David Galassini
Ive been using photoshop for over 20 years, I have to say wow you really know how to get training across in the most simplistic minimal time. Very nice tutorials!
Do It with J. Wade
This was the easiest to follow and best tutorial I have seen on Youtube. Thank you for this!
Dominic Smith
Some really good advice here. I didn't realise that you could 'Invert' the Clone Stamp source selection, so that' something else for me to remember.
Don Bomer
E. L.
Great tutorial. I have CS4 but when I select Edit Fill, the steps you are indicating are not there. It's not showing me Content Aware Color adaptation etc. Please help!
Edit IT
Thanks man it so helpful for me
FBI Agent 911
Wtf, this is sorcery\nAWESOME
Fazal Fariz
0:38 The couple were the photo bomber.
Federico Candeletti
This is what I was looking for!!
Frank Hernandez
Like many here, we may have been aware of the tools, but it invaluable to see the artist apply tools. Masterfully, done. Great instruction.
I'm not even interested in learning PS but I still watched the entire thing
Harry Chauhan
Green. Effects
Irene Cortez
Wow. I love this. I’m a new subbie. I really appreciate you explaining in detail. I guess I might buy PS and try it again. I tried about five years ago and it was too hard for me to understand
Jaani Singh
Loved it
James Harris
Assuming you know the model, the other method was to ask her to wait until the truck pulls away. Then \
Jelena Stanković
I don`t know if you even read comments but, I`ll go with this one anyways... I`m 33 years young and am in the transition period in my life where I have to forget so many things that I have learned and learn English and almost whole Adobe with Photoshop as the most important part of it, from... scratch. There are many Adobe gurus online but they just know \
JiuJitsu. Politics. Dogs
Awesome, thank you !!
nice job teacher
Keith G. Hawley
Very cool.. Thanks...
Ken Ng
The BEST video on the subject I have watched so far. The example used are practical and sufficiently complex. I will be watching it over and over again to master all the techniques used here. Thank you very much.
Kimberly Catalan
Thanks! It helped me a lot. I do wonder how can you remove a part of an image on a less symmetrical background? For an example a street filled with people that have different stores that are visibly different and you want to remove the crowd in the picture?
Laily Mumtazi-Sims
Thanks, easy to follow, have worked on PS for a long time but never have been able to use a some of the is a eye opener!
Darn! This doesn't work on landlords!
Lil Pukka
this was a perfect tutorial! thanks!
Linda Smith
Wow, I totally underestimated the clone stamp. I've used the healing brushes almost exclusively. Guess I learned something valuable today!
LynnyBee Designs
Oh my gosh...... I don't know what I would do without your channel. You have taught me so much. THANK YOU!!!!!
Marc TV
Those are great tools! It helps me a lot with photo editing......
Mark Kowatch
GREAT tutorial !! A powerful tool is nothing with out the knowledge to use it... GREAT TEACHING !! Thanks
Matthew Chen
wow, magic
Matthew Wehttam
You say you can remove anything from the picture, yet I still see her wearing clothes. mhmhmhmhmh
Meraz Ullah
Thanks a lot man! Was searching whole internet for the solution!! \u003c3 \u003c3
Mike Burke
Amazing. I am so used to not using the menu bar with all the short cuts. I have reglected the power of PS. Thanks, bro.
Mike Delgado
Dude this is the best video on removing things from photo because you explain the technology (Photoshop looks at Pixels and guesses what is behind the removed image).  I looked at 14 videos and yours is by far the best.  THHANK YOU for sharing your talents.
MyLifeAsMariem حياه مريم
On Scene Media
I normally don't comment on these videos, but today is different. You, sir, did an amazing job explaining the entire project and workflow in a professional, yet personable manner. I'm not a fan of the \
Orville Charles
How are there people who dislike such a wonderfully presented and FREE tutorial? He didn't have to share his knowledge, I'm guessing its probably the other channels that click bate you and then talk a lot about how good the technique is and then send you to their website to buy the tutorial! THANKS A MILL Jésus!
Osvaldo Schaukoski Junior
I didn't know the flip clone feature, thank you Jesus!
Photoshop Training Channel
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Wow.. pretty impressive what PS can do, annoying I've been doing make the same thing manually for years.. oh well
Rico Barbet
Wow! I knew about clone stamp, but did not know about the flip feature. Thanks for this, I have a beach photo where I need to get rid of a lifeguard stand behind a family shot.
Good tutorial, even though most of the tricks have worked for the last 20 years or so, you explain things really well and I learned a few new things.
Romeo Zero
I'm in PS for decades now and know all this techniques but gotta admit it, I really enjoyed to listen Ramirez tutorial,nice calm voice.
thank you!!!!
Sajjad Khan
NYC best
After all these years..... ty so much !
Sample Dude
Couldn't you at least edit the clothes off that cute model?
Samurai Design
Amazing! Thanks a lot Jesús!
Sandeep Acharya
Simply brilliant and flawless in your explanation. I have just subscribed!
Sara's Kids Club!
Brilliant! Thank you
Sarah Jeanne Lombardo
I am a photographer of urban landscapes, and am constantly clone stamping-away errant shadows, cracks, and trash. I had no idea about the clone stamp flip tool, and longed for it forever. This will save me SO much time. Thank you!
Scorpio 20
I love your tutorials!! Thank you! Subscribed of course😊😘😘
Sheng Tope
Thanks for this tutorial. I am using the current Photoshop CC and I am not aware of the content aware technique that Photoshop now has. Thanks anyways.. Hopefully you can also have video about Brush tools, its uses and techniques..thank a lot! more powers.
Sjoerd Wesselius
Good video!
Can I use it to uncensor hentai?
Stephen Black
Excellent video
Steve Granda
HOLY CRAP, that's cool!
Steve Jackson
Lot of people have been waiting for this feature - looks well thought out and nicely explained here.
Tabb Informática
I Loved the FILL option! It's completely Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
Tashfia Tahsin
This video is lit af 🔥🔥🔥\nI got so much help because of this tutorial \nThanks for sharing
Tech By- Harshit
Thanks thanks I subscribed your channel I rate you five stars *****
Terry Helliker
You make it look so easy! Great video though. Thank you.
The Eagle
Can u plz show us how to do it at phone ??
The Lyric Warehouse
I just love it, the way you explain. I'm liking this vid and subscribed as well.
Awesome job. You showed me in 1:44 exactly what I needed to learn. Straight to the point. Great video.
Tonte Briggs
awesome tutorial..flip cloning is just new to me !!!!!
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Good stuff
Tyler Neri
Vanessa Figueroa
Wow! I’m! This was so awesome to watch!
Vella durai.S
Awesome tutorial..... bro..
Vũ Phiêu
WOW. thanks you!
Watch CG or Real
it took only 10 minute for me, I have not spend so much time but I am happy with result, thank you I can do many cool things in my company with that
Whats Up Dude
Great video, thanks for taking the time and being so thorough. This video really helped me, thanks again.
You don't know me
Thanks to photoshop, I can't trust this world any longer...
Z7 Code
Dude u forgot to remove the woman...
Zed Welly
This is amazing. Such a honor having you as tutor. So understandable. Not everyone can do this. Thank you very much.
hector francisco gomez
Mr. Ramirez, your Photo Shop tutorial it's very good, I have learned something new today. thanks for posting it!
I've been using photoshop for over 15 years but I never knew about the fill function's ability to fill with content awareness. This is fantastic!
lennard Oosterom
I hate extreme photoshop. You ain't real anymore
marta sielska
very useful, thank you!
mrs. Allergetic
Your videos helps allot!!!!
samsugn A7
So good...thx bro.
I'm watching this like a deer in the headlights and I don't even have Photoshop 😂
yining liu
This is soooo useful!!!
Do you always edit in RAW? My mac somehow can't deal with RAW photos, it starts slowing down and my photoshop software just shuts off :/
zander phelps
Seen lots of these things... you did a Great job, to the point, explaining things, no messing around, no fluff... well done!