Liquify Your Troubles Away

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A demonstration on using the Liquify tool in Photoshop. Along with a couple other minor tools. I don't do much Photoshop work, but there are definitely great reasons to at least use it along with your normal digital painting program of choice.

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Black Phillip
Wow, useful tips ! Thank you!\n\nPS : How do you prepare your artworks for print ? Any tips ?
now i want cs5... but it's so expensive D:
Another similar trick for quick edits, although not as good quality wise, is to make a selection and use the warp tool to adjust. Sometimes I'm just to lazy to wait for liquify to open if it's some really simple adjustment.\nGreat stuff!
Greg Wasdyke
Liquify is the sexiest invention the world.
Henrick Huynh
What do you use to record? Maybe you could put it in your channel details (:
Also look at your color profile setup, S-RGB is more contrasty/saturated which in print might result in detail loss of dark areas. Adobe RGB (1998) is less sat. and in many ways more secure for print. Unless you work for printing purposes only I would not suggest working in the 1998 profile. For printing you usually need a +300 Dpi setting, but as long as your pixel resolution is big enough that is what really matters. Check PSD info setting panel for white areas, should in general not be zero.
J Vaz
Great video Sinix thanx!
Jack Winter
Really beautiful Job man! always love your videos :) very inspiring!
thanks sinix
Jonathan Müller
Morgan Davis
I honestly love you. Your personality is amazing. You're someone I'd love to have as a friend.
Please try out Photoshop colours. And talk about their palette vs painter. You're my favorite artist by colors but i want to see what you can do with Photoshop
Nabetse Zitro
buen video :)
i really needs to go to sleep. But here i am, 4 hours before alarm goes off and cant stop watching.
Richard Chin
wow, thanks for uploading this. its awesome. what version of photoshop r u using?
Sinix Design
Aside from making sure you work at a large resolution from the start. Most things print darker, so you might want to lighten the image slightly.
Really nice video, I never even new about the liquefy tool before.
Oh my god im squeeling in joy I had no idea what this program is capable of njuhuu \u003c333
Video doesn't work for me yet, probably processing.
you can download it for free if you wouldnt mind that, search it on youtube
You are amazing!!!
this feature has been in photoshop since cs2 or 3....i used this tool 6 years ago
yeah i always use the liquify but not hte patch one o the first ones.
I think this is amazing, the only thing i dont like about it is the red markings on the should take them off\n
If you're a student, you can get it at a discounted price which is nice.
more of this plsss
lol this is a life saver, thought it was warping people used but this is the one!\n\nthanks a million wouldn't have known unless i saw this.