Andra Day - Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]

"Rise Up" by Andra Day, from the album Cheers To The Fall, available now.Director: M. Night ShyamalanProducers: Thom Fennessey & Ashwin RajanProduction Manager: Zoe KatzFrom the album 'Cheers to the Fall' available now. iTunes: Production Company: Collaboration FactoryDirector of Photography: Kyle RudolphArt Director: Joseph SciaccaEditor: Luke CiarrocchiAndra Day’s Wardrobe: Wouri ViceWardrobe: Jaizelle StenardoAndra Day’s Hair & Make Up: Emily GarridoHair & Make Up: Pam PeitzmanMan:Gregory MozgalaWoman: Bisserat TseggaiMan in Parking Lot: Mark GarciaLYRICS: Rise Up(Andra Day and Jennifer Decilveo)You’re broken down and tiredOf living life on a merry-go-roundAnd you can’t find the fighterBut I see it in you so we gonna walk it outAnd move mountainsWe gonna walk it outAnd move mountainsAnd I’ll rise upI'll rise like the dayI’ll rise upI'll rise unafraidI'll rise upAnd I’ll do it a thousand times againAnd I’ll rise upHigh like the wavesI’ll rise upIn spite of the acheI'll rise upAnd I’ll do it a thousands times againFor you (4X)When the silence isn’t quietAnd it feels like it’s getting hard to breatheAnd I know you feel like dyingBut I promise we’ll take the world to its feetAnd move mountainsWe gonna walk it outAnd move mountainsAnd I’ll rise upI'll rise like the dayI’ll rise upI'll rise unafraidI'll rise upAnd I’ll do it a thousand times againFor you (4X)All we need, all we need is hopeAnd for that we have each otherAnd for that we have each otherWe will riseWe will riseWe’ll rise, ohh ohhhWe’ll riseI’ll rise upRise like the dayI’ll rise upIn spite of the acheI will rise a thousands times againAnd we’ll rise upRise like the wavesWe’ll rise upIn spite of the acheWe’ll rise upAnd we'll do it a thousands times againFor you ohhhh ohhh ohh ohhh ohh (3X)

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Abby an-pis
Makes me cry 😢😢😢😢 I love this song ♥
Adriel 98
The best songs are the most underrated:(
Adryanna Arriaga
This beautiful and powerful women has the most beautiful, strong, and amazing voice I have ever heard and this video and her past is just the most touching and heart warming thing I have ever seen. You are such an inspiration to so many including myself and I am absolutely positive that you will become an icon. Keep up the good work and spread love to all.
Alvin Harisen
Alysson Robert
This song make me sad
Arif Maulana
Morisette better than her
Arnold Mc Auslen
I love this but i love the version of Morissette Amon of the Philipphines \nLove from London
Aubrey McCann
My cousins aunt died of cancer and before every chemo session she would play this. She died 10-15-17, tomorrow is her one year anniversary. Her name was Jennifer Drapeau. I believe that is how you spell her last name. She left behind her husband and her two daughters who are both under 5. If you look up on youtube Jennifer Drapeau it will bring up a video about her life. She was a teacher and she was 32 when she passed so many people know her story. R.I.P Jennifer \n#jenniferstrong\n\nIts under OOB kindergarten teacher looses battle with cancer.
Ava Meyers
Makes me cry. I've been having depression and anxiety for a long time and my studies are keeping me so much busy I barely have time to read and write something... I want to something but nothing is going right..
Beach Mouse
Morrisette ain't got soul like Andra. There's double meaning in this song
Black wolf
I really wanna sing this for my very sick grandma but I’m afraid I’m ganna cry when I sing it but I’m still practicing
Blessed jernz
watching in october 2018\nlovely but i think she looks like rihanna an sounds a lil bit like her \u003c3
Booom Panes
I thought Morissette Amon is the Original Singer of this song.
Charline Marie
She looks like an older Rihanna omg
Christelle JM
Watch Out for Morissette Amon's version of this ❤️
Christian Enova
Christine Oliveros
So Morisette Amon cover got deleted because it got more views than the original video.
I really needed to hear this positive song thank you for the beautiful music 🙏🏻❤️
Anyone here because of that Asian girl that did the cover of this song and it got a lot more views than the original and YouTube deleted it?😂
Czar Gualta
Morisette amon's version from philippines got a lot of views more than the original version. Why u made youtube delete it?
Daksh Sumaroo
Singing from the heart
Daniel Aliksa
Everytime I get suicidal I listen to this. Thank you.
David Pierce
Then there's me who sounds like a cat being choked 🤦🏼\u200d♀️😑
Dennis Valles
who goes here after watching morissete's version of this song?
Dorothy Crawley
Andrea I lost my son Andre in 2016..This song is my anthem when I became homeless in 2017..I couldn't \
Dove Sutton
I listen to this every morning. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma a little over a year ago. Chemo nearly killed me, it wreaked havoc on my body, but with the support and the love of the people in my life, I Rise up, if my feet are able to touch the floor, I rise. It's not for me, but for their love to me and the love I have for them. In my life there is no greater reason than to fight for it. Sometimes when your feet can barely hit the floor, this is a reminder that they can. I hope that all have a reason to rise up. If one, just one person loves you then you do, because to them you are a heartbreak if you're gone. Take care, Rise Up and bring the world to its knees.
Elegant Horrors
Through sickness and in health. That's true devotion.
Ellie Ozzliin
I can not watch this without crying ♡♡♡
Erza Scarlet
Came here from morissette amon's version. Who else did?
Esmeralda Brooks
I want to thank you for this song i have brain cancer and every day I Rise up
Etcetera Etcetera
morissette from ph is better than this orig version
Federicapicciau2006 Federicapicciau2006
This is a song beautiful😍😘i love rise up😍
Ferdinand Lee
If you have not yet watched Morissette Amon's version of this, you should. Its just as good. What an amazing song.
I'm just annoyed this song hasn't reach a billion view. This society..🤦🏿\u200d♂️
Geraldine Fox
So sad but I love the song
Gigi Nicole
October 2018!!anyone??😊😊
Gracel Sumayo
Morissette amon
Gustereophonics Jr
Respect for Andra Day .,Morissette’s version is Epic
Hannah M
I'm crying
Helen G
This is such a beautiful song and so motivates. So positive & her makes it perfect.👌🏼💪🏼 i love this song ❤❤🔥
Hellen Njoki
This goes to my late mum, I miss you so much. I miss washing you every morning before I go to school, I miss your hugs after school, your smiles your fighting spirit.
Hokkie Garcia
Morissette amon rendition of this song was more better than original
Hxrv3y Major
When I first saw Her I thought she was Rihanna...
Invisible One
This song is my life! I am black,my husband is white. He is bound to a wheelchair. And I rise up every single day!!!Trying to make his life easier and better.This was not just a song to me, it was me seeing my self. And I thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Iracy Souza
2018 cadê Brasileiros aqui ? curti
JR Ramos
I'm not crying, it's the onions.
Jax Dex
Hey, so I don't know who's reading this comment. Maybe you're feeling alone, scared, faced with health issues, relationship issues, life problems, family struggles, or simply not feeling yourself anymore. You are not alone. We all have flaws, wounds, and suffering. BUT we are strong enough and will conquer them!!! This world ain't easy but u sure as hell are strong and capable of taking on the world. The only person who can tell you that you're nothing or weak is urself, and u don't gotta listen. God gave you this life cuz u r strong enough to overtake its struggles. There are two options: Either face everything and FIGHT with all your strength, or fear everything and run. If u FIGHT, u will be able to look back one day and realize how that struggle made you a much better person and be thankful that it happened. If u RUN, you're never going to conquer the world if u run away from every challenge, or difficulty. I personally used to be depressed, scared, and alone. But one day I realized I didnt want to live that way anymore. Life is beautiful, even though love and pain hold hands. I chose to face all my fears and hurts and overcome them. I told all those people who didn't believe in me that they were WRONG. I started to believe in myself, to trust my heart. My self acceptance affected my life and actions. I started seeing life differently. I started being brave, taking risks, fighting against my demons that haunted me, backing off from people who didn't build me up, and also learning to be me. I remember that it was extra hard because I felt like no one would listen to me. Whoever is reading this, if u need to talk to someone, or simply need a friend...comment or I have insta. YOU.ARE.NOT.ALONE. 😔💞💞\n\
Jeff Fong
morisette amon is better than you! hahahahaha
Joey Nunley
This song makes me think of when I was 26 years old and I had back surgery. My doctors told me that I was 68% disable and I would be paralyzed one day. The chronic pain keeps me aware of how one day I could not walk ever again. I just keep pushing on day by day and I keep on praying.
Johnny Vincent orlando fp
Listening in september
Keth Noel
Angelica hale has more views than this guy lol
Kim James
I love this song 😍😍who's still listening in August 2018??
King thirdy Remorta III
Morissette version is better than this.
Larry Clarins
Why is this on my recommended? Is it because morissette's cover was deleted? 😕
Mads Healy
This is what real relationship goals are.
She has Rihanna's sound, Adele's volume, Sia's talent, and 100% Andra Day's emotion
Melanie !
This song has helped me so much, my pop who was the closest ever person to me sadly passed away due to cancer found everywhere in his body, even though he was the most fit and healthiest person he never smoked once. It was so hard for me when he passed and every single day i cried for at least 4 months. Listing to this song helps me get up and stay strong and now everyday I always think of at least one thing me and my pop did together that made me smile :) 💓😢💞\n\nI’m only 14 btw
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Nantamigo Chiposse
28M views only? Something is wrong, this is legend
Niamh Ó Briain ava
I cried when I saw the man he did it for her 😭
Dammit..I can't watch this video through tears. I just noticed the uniform. 😢 So Beautiful! I'd love to find a woman like that.\nI can't watch this more than.....
Nona fierce
Who's cutting onions? 😭😭😭
Novie Christy
October 2018
Nubian Queen
This is deep on so many levels. She gets up every morning, takes care of him. Her neighbor is opening the door for his wife/girl and she's putting her husband in the car. Then at the place the guy walks pass and she doesn't pay him any mind and gets her man out the car and then at the end she says \
Petrina Branch
i love this song so much its so powerful\ntotaly unrelated it helped me stand up to a bullie
Pretty’ Princess!
Morissette is good but Andra day was the one who made the song,and to make something clear, a singer Should have good personality with an amazing voice, so some of you people need to stop saying that the Cover is better than the actual song. And her song clearly has a meaning. Which shows that she is the good person
Ramon Silva
Puta que pariu, que música FODA!!! ❤👏👏👏
Regina Gray
They did Morissette bad 😕😒🇵🇭
Regine Bisagar
This should be the theme song of ME Before You movie🤔
Rina Pananggung
Nice voice but,morissette amon version is the best
Rozi hadiansyah
September 2018 🙋
Samantha Springer
I FINALLY DID IT!!!! I made through the song without crying for the first time there were some chokes here and there but i did it😭😭😭😭😭
Sara Blowers
If you reading this. If your not scrolling passed, you matter in this world. You're loved, you are amazing, and powerful! You're the best you can possibly be. Keep being you!
Sheryl Kelly
This is a great song for mothers who have lost their child. I listen to this daily to have the strength to make it another day. Thank you singing such a inspiring song.
Summer Moon
For some reason, after watching Moiresette Amon's cover of this song...the original suddenly sounds a lil short bland now ...Hehehehe
Suzieana Uda Nagu
Thank you Angelica Hale for introducing me to this song.
Syarifah Sary
Coming here after watch the cover by Morissette
Tami S
This song motivates me to rise up every morning, no matter the pain I'm in, the limited mobility I have due to health reasons that I've been living with for 27 years. It also reminds me of love my husband and I have for each other because we will love each other unconditionally, do everything we can to help each other if we were ever in an unfortunate situation. God bless those this song has inspired, motivated and for the writers and singer of this song. It's so BEAUTIFUL!
The Golden Nugget 8606
who else cried?
Traveli Guitars
I think morissette more better...
Tyana Harland
I have stage 3 Lupus, my oldest sister has MS, my other two middle sisters had brain surgery and is very ill, my mother is in a wheel chair with many illnesses. My father just passed away with diabetes... MOUNTAINS!!!!
Virna Acosta
I met Andra Day at a car show in NYC this year! An amazing and humble woman!!!! Truly blessed!
Who Know's?
Morisseth Amon brought me here
Zyner - Mae Sumagingsing
Morrisette Amon's cover is the best❤️🇵🇭
althea gonzales
Morissette amon version is the best
apomaria 1981
Morissette Amon is the best version of this song 👍👍👍
chicken nuggets
I'm suffering w depression everyday is a challenge, my legs feel weak, my body, I get head ache's.I wake up crying at night's, I have so much anger inside me, I'm tryna fight it for my mom, she hates seeing me like that, this song reminds me of her, because she told me to \
danielle Leigh
Omg this girl sings like an angel. She teaches angels to sing!!
jelvin pantig
I came here to add views thats it. just cant believe because of views one of the best cover of this song got delleted.
I cried so much, because I did the same thing with my husban with brain cancer. I will do it 10 thousand times aging for love. RIP Wilfredo Jun12 1969 -Agu 11,2016.
lulu baroroh
gue kesini gara gara rame di ig yg covernya
michael smith
I'm just a simple man without any fortune or fame, but I to have been blessed in life to have experienced 18 years of walking, and now 15 years of being in a wheelchair, and I can honestly say I don't regret a single day of my life and the obstacles I've encountered in my 33 years of life. I say that because I was never alone even though there were times I thought I was alone, I now can look back and see God was right there with me, so yes I use to regret things I done in life, but not anymore, for they made me stronger to face today. And through it all the one thing that helped me to keep rising up was Love, and believe me when I say this, when you find yourself in the full understanding of love, you'll never want nor need for anything, because you will see you already have everything you will ever need... And when it comes to being with someone, or loving others you will have no certain standards when it comes to their appearance, fame, fortunes, color, or disability, but you'll love them in a way that nothing in this world could ever show... \n\n Beautiful song, and yes it should be number 1 in my book, because it’s true we who love will truly rise up a bright and beautiful day soon… Always go and do things in love...
perante juvar
i love morisete amon cover
shiva thapa
Keen gets out, a bus passes by and just in that moment who else is there??? Ray Red, a moment of silence,a pause,keen approaches Red and hugs her... Damn that was the best moment and this song justifies every bit of that moment...
stonehead 345
She is not just singing,but she is also living the song.2019!!!!!!
morissette brought me here
sweet Pea
Morisette brought me here😊such a beautiful song😍
tebogo senosi
October 2018 🎶🎵🎼🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦💗💕
Казахстан Казахстанский
October 2018