How to Use the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

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Aaron Nace Adobe Photoshop... Coloring How to use the liquify tool How-to (Website Category) Liquify Phlearn Photography Photoshop Retouching Tutorial

Ahmad AlFadhli
You are one of the best people on youtube! you make tutorials with love! thank you!!!
Al Go
didn't know about freeze mask until now,thanks.
Aminul Islam Sajib
Ctrl and Alt on my Ps only selects the move tool with copy layer option so when I hold Ctrl and Alt and drag to resize brush, it turns into a move tool and creates a copy of the existing layer.
Arvin Prasad katta
Thanks sir
Awesome Boss
thank you for all videos
Becky Oehlers
If shift-control-E does not work, go to Layer-Merge Visible and hold down the ALT key while doing that. This may be helpful to some users.
Big Daddy Vlogs
How can you add a object like someone holding a can in photoshop
I really like your tutorials, they're enjoyable to follow! :))))
Charlotte Kimberly
When I click shift + ctrl + c I just get an window for choosing a layer.
Cheryl Sun
sorry, what's the name of that photography book again?
Chris Sekely
Aaron, I have a quick thought/suggestion for you or others who may be helped by this comment. However, I am not a photographer or photoshop user (though I would love to be if had the time and startup cash). You are the professional whose work and teaching I highly respect.  Please advise me as appropriate.  Anyway, here goes... Why not just freeze mask the perimeter of the layer before doing any warping, just in case.  An action could probably even be recorded to do this automatically.  Just a thought.  Please let me know what you think.
Christian von Schleicher
Anybody else trying to navigate the photo like you're in photoshop but remember you're just watching a video???
Christine Waters
Love it.
Christopher Denny
im just starting with photoshop and digital art but just from this episode, if you would have done the mask you shown before you could have selected to not effect her leg, hand, backround, etc..? would that have avoided the situation you ran into..?
No matter what the topic, I enjoy watching all of the videos.  Aaron is a very personable person with great presentation skills.  Also, for those that say he goes too fast...  my opinion is that it is better to have a short video that you can pause to keep up with than have one where you have to wait for the presenter to move with your skill level.
Dan Maynard
My favorite part is how much Aaron laughs at his own fails. You're a crack up mate. Also the tutorials are the bees knees. 
David Cardoza
I love Phlearn, Aaron and your tutorials. I am new to Photography and Photoshop, and Aaron makes it exciting. I love your excitement and passion, definitely makes learning fun...Thank you for everything you do.
David Jones
Great stuff Aaron. Been working with you for over a year now and come on a long way thanks for all the help in the tutorials. Feel like a know you in person. Keep up the good work.
Dennis Bernaers
Hello Aaron, have you done a video on using the liquify tool to reshape faces? For example to turn an adult face into a child charicature - or is this more PRO level material
Dennis Tate
For that gap down by her leg when you tightened her sleeve, why didn't you use liquify to close the gap, either by reconstruction or warping it back to the edge? Your solution left her with a patch of mottled skin that lacked its original texture and looked a bit like a scar.
If it weren't for you Aaron there would be a ton of PS features that would go undocumented or remain poorly explained for years. I've been hunting for an updated indepth demonstration of liquefy. There are some body mods for my shots that need doing and can't be done convincingly any other way (I don't condone body mods BTW but when model makes that harsh crease in their torso or sides, it's gotta be fixed in post sometimes.)
Elizabeth Simons
Why is it that when I open liquify, I don’t have all the same tools/sliders/buttons?
F. K.
Photoshop just creeps me out :s
Gabi C
Hi Aaron, at 9'57'' you say you don't find the twirl tool very useful. Well, I found a good use for it. When you do reflections, you flip the image vertically, position it, and decrease the opacity. When you do reflections in water you can use this twirl tool to deform the image and it will make the effect more realistic.
Gezim Sadrija
Thar freeze mask changed my life
Thanks Aaron, People have started liking my photos.
Glen Saville
Hey one useful tutorial would be for controlling total ink density, in the UK in publishing designers are not given the printer profiles at all, and a job will often be sent back with the command the ink density needs to be under 300%! I found a way to control this with a profile I found with cs6 only something in Photoshop CC has changed and this no longer works, but this can be a real problem for designers here :(
Harish Singh
Your Are Awesome PHLEARN.
Hillary Is Evil
At 10:05 Aaron makes a \
Hot Brass and Bullets
I'm just getting started Phlearning  PS , don't know how I would Phlearn it with out you. Thanks
Hugh Le
any tips for product photography?
Iconique Imani
I've found the new \
Idglã Reinhard
Ido Wiseman
Jaime Armengol
It would be awesome to see how to fix greasy hair on beauty photography ;-)
John Davila
Hello, I'm having trouble with my liquify tool. The Forward Warp Tool won't let me change the rate. Size, density, and pressure work fine, it's just the Rate that isn't letting me do anything. Do you know what could be causing that? Or if there's different settings I should have? I have Photoshop CC 2015. Thank you.
Katherine Kathy
Please write the caps you use on the screen :D
Kathy Baxley
Are you using a mouse or a tablet?
Help, the liquify tool appears as a black cross and it moves the entire picture
Liam Squirrell
All your videos have helped me so much. i have recently started using it and it the most amazing piece of software by far. i never thought how much it could be used for but now i use it all the time and use it to create backgrounds for my website. I learn more and more each day from your videos and hope they keep on coming. Plearn Rules!
Lucas Tres
To recreate the leg, why didn't you just make a lasso selection aroud the \
what was the name of that portrait photographer you mentioned after annie leibovitz... norma.. somthing?
McGFamily McG
Melvin Magro
Help yourself further and save some time: Use youtube speed of 1.25 or 1.5 instead of normal. You will still understand perfectly.
Mike McCartney
Mr. Steal your humanity
Watching this, the sentence that kept repeating in my head was \
Myer Randolph
Aaron, could you have used the freeze mask tool to protect the edge of the area that got moved when you applied the liquify tool?
Nathan Tillett
Are you saying \
Nuclear Shockwave
this guy is hany and all but he talks too much nad does not get to the point which everyone wants which is how to use LIQUIFY not how to change colours
I was wondering if you guys could do some of these videos :) ---\n\nMake t-shirts have long sleeves\nMake someone taller (Maybe adding high heels?)\nFix cooked teeth\nMake a classic iPod image (one of those silhouettes with the white cable)\nAdd or remove sweat\nI know this last one was mentioned before in a video however I'd love to use it - Add a tattoo using clip art (adding a tattoo that isn't on a person) I know you said the best way to add a tattoo is to take an image of a real tattoo. However I was wondering if there was a way to take any clip art and turn it into a tattoo.\n\nThanks so much for the videos and keep up the great work. You guys are the best!! (I've learned so much)
Original Music, Honda Grom and Grumps
Dude, your videos are superb, and are so helpful. My metaphorical chapeau is off. Fantastic.
Help yourself \nJump to\n7:40
Prem Patel
I always watch until the end of the episodes just for Aaron's little black & white segment
Quo Wei Yap
things are different in photoshop. it keeps motivating and more challenging on new stuffs that learning never stops..
Riddim 41 Band
I love you, you helped me so much
Rogers Photography
19:22 save yourself some time: make a selection around the area and use \
Ruben Kristianto
almost a year using liquify and don't know I can do advanced mode ( brush density, freeze mask, etc ) once again you do really save my work ! thankyou so much . The best !!!
Video starts at 6:55
SamAnd OllieTalk
Your knowledge and presentation skills are unmatched, another great video, thank you 😊
hehe so many photoshop ideas now
Sreenivasulu Gosangi
Using the liquefy tool before or after finishing the retouching ?
Stabkids4coins - MC
what photoshop softwarfe
Sweet Wings
The most helpful photoshop video I've seen this year! Thank you very much! \n(Ana, from Brazil)
video starts at 24:30 you can thank me later
Thanassis Fournarakos
You are very special! Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge with us. Ciao from Athens, Greece. Thanassis Fournarakos retired (2011) Pro Photographer (born in 1946).
Tigran Galstyan
like for happy music
Tim R
A faster way to recreate her leg is to use a warp tool. Simply select the problem area and Control+J to make a copy of it. Now use the Warp tool and manipulate.
Tom Lassiter
take less speed and talk slower.
Trân Ngọc
This is really a trust issue lol, anw a very helpful video, thank you very much sir.
TunaPiano TunaFish
The photographers name is NORMAN JEAN ROY not Ray.\nAnd both he and Annie's \
Valdelia Chagas
Hey Aaron, just started following u... and loving it... Lol. U r fun to watch, i love the way u explain things: y? How? Etc.. u make understanding easier.
what annoying intro
VictoriaLynne Y
This video was fantastic! Thank you SO much! I use the liquify tool, but I definitely learned how to use the different controls within it. I am a huge fan of your videos. Best photoshop tutorials on the web. :)
Vince Solomito
very well done. thank you.
Thanks to phlearn team for this episode :). Here's a trick for people wanting to work on high resolution image but don't have a high performance machine:\n1.You can duplicate your file and lower the resolution\n2.Apply your liquify modifications to this SD file like Aaron shows you\n3.Go back to your HD file \n4.Apply directly your previous filter (cmd+F)
eRa Mojah
Excellent. Very interesting
eshwar g
hi phlearn team.most of the time if anybody try to teach me i simply sleep. but aaron made me to listen and learn, phlearn is not just a channel it is a university. i need a vid tutorial on camera raw filter and what is difference between lightroom and CRF. can i get same effect with CRF like LR. Please do a video by making a photo optimize with CRF. only CRF!!!
Thanks for everything you do for us .... BravO
this guy probably has a lot to share with novices like me, but his manner of teaching is waaayyy too scattered, \n\nSir, slow down, collect your thoughts, slow down, and go step by step with the tutorial. I finally bailed out at about 14:00. It's too bad, I bet he knows what he is talking about, but I have watched as much as i can and learned very little.
fiery punctuation
Man, I freaking love Phlearn.
Thank you very much!
ganesh ghimire
i don't see brush crusor no matter what size it is.
Hi, when I try to change my brush size in liquify as you said hold down CTRL+Option(Alt) and click and drag, it just zooms out the image. Any help ?
When i go to the liquify tool then it isnt a brush its a cross even though i dont have caps lock activated PLZ HELP
Can someone list out all the shortcut key used in the video in Windows version of PS?
ismat zahra
would you please guide me that how can i use liquify to create an entirely round shape. please guide something like this
I have about 70 images of a group of individual people. I've been asked to put the name of each person on their image. I'm at a loss on how to \
Save yourself and jump to 4:00
PLEASE I NEED HELP!. i want to liquify a lineart. but when i liquify, the background is clear and i want to liquify with white background so i can see my lineart but liquify doesn't allow all layers to be selected just one layer, but i don't want to merge my lineart with my white background just yet
How do you get the red-brush-preview to show up when you are adjusting the size of your brush? And thanks a lot for all your vids they rock. 
Liquify have a \
wayne lynch
Another Liquify video that I cannot see tools used and poor instructions. Starting to wonder if it is my computer?
Can you do a video on how to do a pixel dispersion on a photo? Also if you do how can I send you a picture to use?
the only way I see to change the size in ps is to use this bracket [ or this ] alt seems to bring up the eye dropper and ctrl + alt copies the image:(
Влад Литвинко
спасибо великолепно как всегда )
Елизавета Постол
wha's the music in beginning??