Stir Crazy - Gene Wilder Richard Pryor 1980 SOME OF THE BEST PARTs!

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Another funny video (Eddie-Murphy---SNL--Buckwheat)Stir Crazy - Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor 1980The Best Part, Really Funny!!!MUST SEE!!!!

1980 Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor Stir Crazy

1 Bad Jesus
Pryor would always make Wilder break character during filming that's why in some scenes Gene would give his BACK to camera or pretend to CRY when really \
oh shit. ohhhhhh shiiiiitttt
RIP Wilder. This was a great movie, I loved it when I was a kid. It was just as good when i saw it again as a teen when Dumb & Dumber was released.
Adam Shell
9/10 overall movie \nHighly recommended
Adrian Beltran
so classic
Alamo James
Alante Gipson
Alla Axelrod
So sad. RIP Gene Wilder, wonderful man and a great actor. Hilarious episode.
Anesia Adams
pillow 2:04-2:05
Anthony Hough
Richard and Gene pure magic
The best duo ever.
Ayanna Horton
I'll just stand over here
03:33 is Pryor on something...he seems more spaced out than scared!
Chad King
I left my... my wallet in the umm... solitary
Chantal Cyr
@3:55 kill me every time!
That's how I feel when I come home from work. When they enter the cell. Lool
Charles Thomas
I’ll just be over here!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!
Claire Reed
A great double act reunited in the sky. RIP Gene Wilder.
Pryor and Wilder were a great duo. Silver Streak was another one of their best movies.
Darren Pindred
Comedy Genius :)
Dean Morrow
Those two were the greatest of the comedy duos of the last half of the 20th century. RIP Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. 😂❤👏
E vazkee
Today's comedy doesn't have shit on this.
Ingenius scene. The most funny for me is when Gene screams \
Edgar Aguirre
I work in that building cb2 central unit in Az
Feras Kai
Francessca Davoodi
Oh Sheeee Oh Sheee haha
Frank Ernesto
One on the best movies of all time. Not.
Frank Parker
Happy Birthday Gene Wilder! :-)
Gavin Townsley
The trouser scene is an old classic, i first seen it done in a carry on film. Think Laurel and Hardy done it as well.
Hector Beltran
One of the funniest movies ever
Jacob Eric
Amazing film! Pryor and Wilders best
James Gill
A stone-cold classic. RIP, Gene Wilder. X
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
a massive comedy favourite of mine, gene wilder and richard pryor at their best, and we take no shit, gotta be bad lol.
Jennifer Abreu
this movie (and others he did from that era) cracks me up....#RIPWilder
Jim A
The look on Richard Pryor's face when they show him in the cell with Grossburger LOL! SO FUNNY!!!
Joe Jones
This is the best
John Pratt
Wilder and Pryor were a great comedy duo!
Joseph Mccracken
Good old richard Pryor. He was great in Sanford and son
Jumperman 1
They don't make comedies like this anymore
Justin Figgins
The warden & the c.o. just couldn't break Gene himself so they had to go after Richard then Gene being an awesome friend finally broke to save Richard.
Kras 4
Wilder and Pryor were some funny human beings. Comical genius.\nGlad they made me laugh. R.I.P. Legends
Lars Pedersen
Laurence Porter
Wilder 'corpsing' at 2.45 ... priceless!
Link Zelda
Hahaha :) Gene couldn't stop laughing through the whole scene
Mark Mcloughlin
great film... wilder and prior were the funniest actors ever... r. i. p
mayor koch and count basie LOL
Wilder and Lidth start laughing at Pryors improv at 3:31!
Nikc Gaming
stir crazy jail scene
“Is breakfast ready?” 😂🤣🤪
Otis wiggan
Still Laughing After All These Years!!!!! Dwl !!! This, Blues Brothers & Blazing Saddles Still Rule!!!... 
PhillySonic Cee
RIP Gene Wilder. This film brought a lot of joy to me as a kid.
Prince J.
The pants scene gets me every time! You can hear Gene chuckle off screen after Richard screams lol it was improvised like a majority of this movie.
My all time funniest film, you can keep your american pies.
Reggie Harris
I can look at the Grossberger scene over and over and still cry laughing so hard I know it had to be hard to shoot that scene for Wilder and Grossberger without laughing
R.I.P Gene Wilder
Ho shiiiiiiiii\nHo shiiiiiiiii\nHo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
They really crack each other up. But the scenes are so funny they have to leave it in, eh?
San Giorgio
I laughed at this as a boy, I laugh even harder now as a man...Rest well Gene, say hi to Richard - legends ❤️
Scott Pepper
Your peeing on me!
Shawna Edencrash
I love to see the bloopers of this movie.
Stephen Bruce
Steve Edwards
A fabulous comedy team!funny as!
Tabs T
LOL The blooper reel for this movie must be 6 hours long.
Texas Arcane
At least half of these films were ad libbed, improv and they were much funnier than scripted comedies.
Pillow. I want my pillow.
Tommy Jerome harris
Richard Pryor face at 3:04😂😂
Tracy Mills-Sherman
They forgot to put in the part with Wilder riding the bull in the offices lol
Trey Trey
Gene wilder died with his loved ones around him, listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing \
V. Harvey
somebody move the toilet you're peeing on
Vincent Sedubun
damnn... you missed the part where they are playing poker after!
Never let the bastards grind you down! Especially when you've been stitched up! Great message delivered by two of the best from one of the greatest comedies ever.
Pryor's improv at 2:43 is one of the funniest things i have ever seen even Wilder laughed
Wilder and Pryor complimented each other so much. Superb.
captin weestain
Is breakfast ready?
The Grossberger scene is classic...guards come back and theyre playing cards..lololol..lmborotfl!
dominique tobey
Omg I am crying I am laughing so hard right now. #oneofthefunniestmoviesever #loveit #got2watchit 😂
finess bennett
This scene had me literally crying lmmfao
rip Gene Wil
this gotta be the funniest film of all time, and I mean it !!
jessie james
Craig T Nelson is so gorgeous here
Forgot how funny this movie was.
funny as hell
mark banana
One of the best comedy movies ever
In my opinion the greatest comedy duo, now together RIP
paul dawson
Sadness that both these great actors are gone :(
Should've shown the punchline where Skip, Harry, and Grossberger are sitting playing cards in their underwear.
simples manning
I wish they had deleted scene to the look on Richard's face when Grossburger enters their cell.
tanny bash
one of my best movies , rip guys
craig t nelson almost breaking 3:12. prior had everyone breaking, especially gene.
vampire Boy
there coming back there coming back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂