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Радиоведущая Джули Берстайн зарабатывает тем, что разговаривает с творческими людьми. Она делится с нами четырьмя уроками о том, как творить вопреки трудностям, сомнениям и потерям. Вы услышите советы от режиссёра Миры Наир, писателя Ричарда Форда, скульптора Ричарда Серра и фотографа Джоэла Мейеровица.

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I think its because...plain text has one of the highest utility/usability concievable.
not focused enough and way too much filler
A Jones
Not helpful at all.....
Abdullah Kauchali
The pot didn't break because ... ? ... like she says, there's always more than one way to throw a pot!
Act on Wisdom
Great information! The first book to take readers inside the experience of creative inspiration comes out tomorrow (3/6/2018): \
Alan Vu
I have no words
Alanna Monical
I love how Julie Burstein made note of how important creativity is in all professional careers, not just art forms. Everyone is an artist. Very inspiring TED talk!
Albert Feyen
The most boring Tedtalk I have ever seen.
Alexander Grigoriev
What's so arty about steel walls?
Anthony Ibanez
Arjuna Solis
Ted was cool...
Ashlesha Gill
Sir Ken Robinson sitting at the back, oh it look's so cool
Belinda Rankin
I was impress by the flow and meaning of your talk. The brightest light comes when near the darkest places to define it (us) or otherwise the dark consumes the light, in life-without care taken.
No, Ted's level of quality is on the decline.
Fantastic talk :D all I can think is wow!
Chris Hubbard
So you are saying that I can get into the museum of modern art by lifting a door mat and displaying it?
Code Man
Osama bin Laden was an artist??
Connor Smith
This is an amazing speech. I'm really disappointed by all the negative comments
HASHISH means smoke weed everyday
Very life affirming, but i now have idealistic diabetes
Dan Holly
I really like the speech. It made a lot of sense to me.
Devo Castler
Right, it's a muscle that must be kept fit.
3:11 oh my life hahahaha :D
Don agung
It's all from Chinese not Japan
Donald Rasmussen
I wish someone would let this lady know that the N in the word kiln is silent.
Time is so unstoppable we as humans are unable to properly comprehend it. A lot of the human drama is derived from this.
bad presentation... lost me after 6 min... creativity is everywhere,problem is expressing it. that's where technique comes into play. so get to work!
Edward Harby
I didn't get anything out of watching this. Her examples go no where. 
what a beautiful speech , i love this one
Farius Alondale
For those of you who want the real \
George X. Moutafis
Whatth total boolthet
What you consider thinking properly is not spontaneous creativity. The role of schooling in today's society is to compartmentalize students through standardized testing. From the moment you're indoctrinated into the system starting in grade one, you're placed on a \
That intro is louder than THX
J Johnson
Blah, blah, blah, my hobbies, my radio show, my kids, me, me, me. You think you're great we get that. Okay stop and smell the roses, what an original concept. Every cloud has a silver lining, again something we all know. Reach for the brass ring, jeebus this lady is a living cliche. Embracing loss? That's basically the silver lining of the aforementioned cloud. Any original ideas in your head lady? Didn't think so...
Kevin Fox
Thanks for stopping by to be negative. Unfortunately, we have no need of negativity at the moment. Please take it back to your headquarters and explain that no one needs it and they should just shut down production.\n\nAs I was taught from a young age: \
Kitti McConnell
Raku disappoints me because it cannot be used for anything other than decoration. I don't need decorative pottery. If I'm going to buy something from a potter - and I LOVE pottery - I want something I can drink from, wash, stack, and use again.
You're boring.
couldnt go past the fourth minute\n
Lorenzo P
Absolutely Beautiful!! 
Louielyn Mata
A very inspiring speech. :)
Manan Gandhi
What a load of crap! wasted 17:20 minutes!!
Mohammed Joraid
Indeed. But for some reason people explain their methods in a row fashion. \nFor example Jakob Nielsen is considered to be one of the gurus in website design and user useability techniques, yet, his website is written in plain text!
4:58 it's freddie mer-curry!
Morph Verse
I feel so Potty!!..
Morton Fizzback
Yes that is true, as much as you don't teach people to breath
not a black face in the audience!
There is no beauty in destruction and I wan going to type 'Very bad presentation to give a message'
Nolybab Praetorius
Actually, I quite liked it. I thought that some of the metaphysical imagery was really particularly effective. Interesting rhythmic devices counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the humanity of the creative genius soul, which contrives through the medium of the verse structure to sublimate this, transcend that, and come to terms with the fundamental dichotomies of the other, into whatever this talk is about.
Olajide Olagunju
I think that's there's a major problem with a lot of Americans. Even if she was boring, I had my eyes and ears tied to her because all what she said are strong points concerning creativity.\nFor all of you who shun this off because its boring, you should focus more on the content of her speech not presentation. I don't blame you though, I blame the education system in America. \nGo read: Mark Edmundson's \
Open School
Creativity is lifeline of everything. The speaker didn't stress this point very well. Otherwise, it is OK. Not that much bad.
Patrick Nguyen
151 people did not embraced this video.
RandomGamer 123
What's your favourite idea, mine is being creative, how do you get the idea? I just try to think creatively.
Ravi Jain
this speech is so terrible that it's insulting.
Sam Liu
1. Paying attention to the world around us\n2. Learn from parts of life that are most difficult\n3. Pushing up against the limits of what they can do and can't do\n4. Embrace loss
Schalk van Wyk
some people just don't get it, do they? Why can't we just forget about perfection and embrace the cracks? It is after all through the cracks that the light comes in (Leonard Cohen, Anthem).\n
Very inspiring
Slap Stick
For the record you have the right to take photos of a 'crime scene' as long as you are not tampering the scene by being there.
The first 2 points were clear, but not the second 2.
creativity is constant practice.
The Wall
Sir Ken Robinson behind her 00:42 !!
I'm loving it!
Theo M.
those who can't do...teach
Wanda Thompson
Actually you can teach creativity. I'm currently participating in an online class called \
Can somebody explain what the hell is up with the rich people having dinner on stage behind her?
Touche'. However, for a better, interesting, and more specific approach to creativity - if you're so enthused about this one - please watch John Cleese's lecture on creativity. Perhaps you will understand my comparison.
black paw
it wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular. mostly i felt like she was speaking in a way that wanted to inspire more insight than she was actually giving, and that made the overall speech seem bad, but in reality it was still a nice TED talk.
Richar Ford was a pig if he threw all his painting junk in a river
This really has to be the most boring TED talk I've ever watched, and I watch almost all of them.
Her husband must be so rich if she can just make clay pots all the time and go on ted.
Did she just say creativity needs passion and hash?
This is more an \
So iconic for people who do not understand something to cry \
Cup didn't break. Thumbs down.
I honestly don't see how this is boring. Seeing these comments reminds me of schoolchildren, complaining about learning, yet being blinded by the fact that this can benefit them nonetheless. Do forgive me for sounding like most \
I find it interesting that there seems to be a tendency for female speakers to attract more harshly critical comments.
Awks when the pot didn't break
This was a great talk.\n
rakesh krishnan
Creativity is an essential part of the life's process. Preservation is the toughest of these phases. I am not sure of the destruction though. Natural change is created by forces of nature.
heheh, nice one.\nWatching the folk theater with a lot of passion and hashish :)\nIt helps your creativity indeed.\nNice video.
what is the biggest ROCK?
I find it amusing because they often are.
I am amused how the photographer tries to justify making money from his photographs of 9/11 and ground zero. His \
It looks like TED is just letting anyone with some inane opinion give talks now. All you need are some vacation pictures put into a power-point presentation and you're good to go.
warren WTF
They didn't want him taking pictures on 9/11 because it was a staged event
you hit the nail on the head!
I'm at min 3 and I notice I'm grimacing hard