Nas, AZ, Cormega, Foxy Brown - Affirmative Action (Music Video)

This is a Music Video i made for the Nas Song: Affirmative ActionFeaturing: The FirmNasty Nas A.Z.CormegaFoxy Brown(Aftermath)(Dr. Dre)Real Hip Hop!!!(SUBSCRIBE)

HipHopSyko TheHipHopSyko

80's Child
Just imagine we went from this to Lil Wayne and Migos, SMH
Ace Leone215
Ainge The Mechanic
I want to go back to the 90s ..real hip hop..
Ali Mohammed
This sister better than Nicki
Ante Up Duality
Nas wrote Fox verse
Anthony Condegni
90s will never even come close
Apathetic FloW
Oh man this never gets old no matter how much time goes by I remember every single lyric to each artists from beginning to end. This is a classic. 5 mic song !!!
I didn't realise that this is the official music video until Nas had the lip sync with the song, because all other clips were different music videos.
Avian Jackson
This not a real video right. never heard of one. but it's funny how Nas words go wit the song it seems.
Beirut Sun
Wtf happened to hip hop bro. damn this is like a jewel to listen too..millennial rap yous is some garbage compared to this rap.
Big John Stud
foxy's verse (which nas wrote) made a lot of young hustlers rich..mad profits..pure yayo..
Big Will Oechsle
A Beautiful Time In Hip Hop.
Brittanie Budd
Mega is the truth , they did him dirty ..
C Obin
The Firm! Untouchable.
Chasity Nuvo
Chef boi Seyid
Who listen this song in 2018
Christopher Hauser
az go in on every song he in, in all this whole song fire
Danny Lopez
🔥 classics never die
David Morris
Illist verses in the game!!!!!!!
Derrick Barnes
Those were the good old days. Avirex Leather jackets & Lexus Coups. Anybody that knows me knew I had them both with more than one jacket.... lol
Everyone knows this isn't the video for the song right?? HOWEVER, whoever has the talent to make this video I give full props.
Foxy went in, now this is str8 Hiphop.
Francella Fagan
Foxy's verse tho! 🔥🔥🔥
Harold McLean
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Henny Lopez
AZ is cold on the mic.
Immortal 1
Foxy had the illest verse by far but you know Nas wrote that shit.
RIP E Money Bags
Isaac Mounguenndom
Good vid dude
J Princeton
Dealin with these 4 devils everyday.
JAI Banks
A lot of people sleep on foxy boogie!
Jamal Mitchell
crazy one of my favorite songs of all time and I'm just now seeing the video smh😑
James Watts
Brooklyn Queens connection
Jason Jose
Jessie Williams
Of course all the dudes on this record was dope. After hearing that verse from foxy, tell me what female artist in history is getting with her lyrically? Some may not agree but fox my number 1 female lyrically.
Jose Borges
Yo listening to prodigy book now knowing about that time bout bags and jungle , them boys were about that life bruh!!!
Jose Rodriquez
this is the real hip hop\nI'm out.
Kaz Hoj
Foxy played her position I think this is the dopest verse off a female MC.
Lesego Moruwe
OG rappers always got a story to tell. Multimillion visions
Mathieu Jahmar
#Classic! \n\nFoxy bodied this joint! #BrooklynShit!
Mizraim Steen
Baby dela and big dela msflyboys north ATL Steen boy's and beamon boy's and easterling boy's cokeboys and dipset and c.m.g roc nation and m.m.g and o.t.f
Mladen Grubisa
Just awesome song real days of hip hop
Monroe Kings
Foxy is cold.
Msizi Basil Khumalo
All the way from South Africa ------Foxxy please come back to the game!!
NGWA Republic
Foxy killed it
Only Nas' verse was legit the others were clips from other videos.
AZ got the illest voice tbh
Nino Romero
2:48 e- money bags! R.I.P 2018 ...
Ontario1 College
1. Bob Morley\n2. Micheal Jackson\n3. Tupac \n4. Biggie \n5. Nas \n6. Eminem\n7. Jay- Z \n8. 50 cent \n\nBurlington , Ontario Canada , Luanda , Angola and Kinshasa , Congo
Pauli Pasanen
Ohhh...the times are changing...miss the old dayz
Proppa Music
*Foxy killed it I mean she spill knowledge for ya drug dealers and wanna be drug dealers hope ya took notes*
Who’s listening to this in 2019?
Real Mothafuxa
2018 push thumbs up if you still jam on these treasure . Salute from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Ricardo Araújo
You got Nas part good. tight work.
That math tho.
Sergio Labathe
AZ is my favorite underrated MC/Lyricist of all time, he had a crazy verse !!! Cold on the mic 🎤🌬💨💨💨
Slim SouthSide
Son Shines
this joint still goes hard, too hard. this era will never be again. it's so hard to say good-bye
Squirtda Don
yo that was a classic move all those artists on the same track phenomenal word
Stacie Jones
Az lord lord lord
So nice we have the option to go back and get a refresher to listen to real rap music. Cardi B ain't got nothing on Foxy Brown. Just an example of what I'm talkin' bout
Talib Moore
love foxy verse. she murders this track.
Tanya Cowell
The Hip Hop Channel
Foxy should've been an accountant fr
The traveler
Should have kept mega in the firm.
Tisha Steen
Oakland raiders s.o.x Watts baby loc msflyboys Michael Myers AKA marloc money maybach 2 generation Oakland raiders
Tommie Jackson
Ill be floodn in ice so hell fire wont scorch me...
Travis Kozlowski
i see through your design like blind fury
Triple Six
That is not the original video clip but still it's awesome!
Tyler Ziilch
Valerie Renfurm
Praise Allah
I pray that New York Hip Hop goes back to this real soon.
Xrio Sankara
Praises to Allah with vision of gundhi \nThis song is raw to this day mann
Respect from Baghdad ... 11/14/2018
Zoey love
Mega killed this track
Classic music never dies...still listening 2018
dallas duce
When you reup bring your heater or your cream go between us
I can't believe how much accounting Foxy Brown does in her verse.
Damn Foxy Brown was sexy as hell back then!
drew willis
still listening in 2019
dunmega Tate
AZ definitely laid the tightest verse on this 1
Im going to start my 2019 with this song, right of the bat!
james stewart
No skinny jeans back in day
king David
michelle haynes
Thee Greatest...number one GREATEST!
naison lungu
Foxy Brown hit the nail in the head...!
peter Mbinga
who listen this song in 2018 real hip hop
Fox killed it
Anyone can listen to this and still say new hiphop ain't garbage needs some real help
ryne benassi
Everyone killed it, but Cormega stood out.
MANY MANY MANY MANY blunts smoked while listening to this back in the day.
The Firm would be hot if they went this way instead of following commercial dudes like Dr Dre... It killed their music... Affirmative Action and Mo Money are real hot though.
toya adams
On God I never knew they had a video for this...I got this shit downloaded... one of my favorite firm songs....I'm late ASF on this....
william tellessaude
Brazil 2018
willy dogg
This song wasn't played enough by other's. One of the greatest pure hiphop songs ever made.