EQUINOX - Bones - Bulgaria - LIVE - Grand Final - Eurovision 2018

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EQUINOX represented Bulgaria at the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Bones. Read more about EQUINOX here:

2018 Bones Bulgaria EQUINOX Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final Lisbon live

Aitor Robles Morillas
It was really amazing live😍😍😍 Congratulations Bulgaria for your Marçel Bezencon Composer Award!!! And thank you also for all support you give us all spanish fans and delegation😚😚😚
Alexander Slavov
БЪЛГАРИ!!! ЧУЙТЕ МЕ!!! Страхотно изпълнение заедно с двамата американеца, уникално съчетание, групата е нещо ново, нещо мощно, можете да завладеете целия свят музикално без абсолютно никакъв проблем и без никакви лобита и простотии!!! А другите, другите просто ЗАВИЖДАТ!!! Спомниха си....кои са българите ;) ! И това....ги изнерви МНОГО! Всичко е З А В И С Т !!! БРАВО вие, все пак победихте и то се видя, кой взе качествените награди ;) !
Alexandre Leroux
First time ever that I have voted for a country in Eurovision and it is for you Bulgaria. Amazing song, greetings from France 🇫🇷🇧🇬❤️
Anna Georgieva
too much quality for Eurovision! They deserve more! 🇧🇬❤️🌹
i am done with this \
Aria Strata
This is amazing song! Bulgaria must be winner! Five voices sound in unison! It's very difficult and very cool! Shame on Eurovision! It's so sad and unfair:( The results of contest was completely disappointing.
Artimex 723
In my opinion this song was totally underrated
Belmin Korjenić
This is no more about music and quality, it is about stupidy such as Israel. Bulgaria the real winner.
Why Europe, just why so underrated
Damn that's why i Watch the Eurovision !Ffor that kind of talents, they put their hearts on that music, giving me tears, they deserved to win this year ! GREAT JOB !! IT WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
Cara P.
Carlos Márquez
Poli Genova did great (deserved better)\n\nKristian Kostov deserved to win\n\nEquinox deserved to be at least top 5.\n\nBulgaria has always something to say in this contest.
They are my winners, not the fat chicken.
Chris GR
What an amazing song!! I cannot believe they got 14th place. This is why I dont like the juries voting. In Greece the juries gave 0 to Bulgaria but the Greek public gave 6 points. This is so unfair. The juries should stop vote. Let the people choose. Bulgaria should be in top 5! Much love from Greece!
Damla Yavuzşen
The only song in my telephone playlist from ESC 2018. Congratulations Bulgaria. Greetings from Turkey
Dariya Rozum
VERY STYLISH. I keep watching it again and again, your voices, lyrics, performance are just awesome. You definitely deserve to occupy the highest position possible. Greetings from Ukraine!
David González
I still have no words for this outstanding song, performance and scenery. My absolute favorite song in the Eurovision ever.
De Efemerum
Bulgaria be proud. Your song was the best.
Dimitris T
one of the best songs this year, unique voices, amazing lyrics and extraordinary production and it's not in the top 10! \nThey deserved top 5 Europe, to be honest they SCREAM WINNER... but Europe preferred a chicken.
Don camino del medio
Very very good song. Congratulations from Spain.
ESC Dani
It's insane they aren't in top 5. Unbelievable
Economic News
Одна из лучших песен за всю историю Евровидения
Efe Can
Else Kranenburg
This was great but got underrated. Bulgaria's been sending quality these last years!! Stay on this track and you will win soon, I'm sure! :)
ALL HAIL THE REAL WINNER BULGARIA ! Israeli song was raping my ears. Good job Bulgaria love from Turkey!
Eurovision Song Contest
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Fikel Atsitsa
I don't care about those results. Zhana, Georgi, Vlado, Trey and Johnny you are the winners! Such a powerful song, such a beautiful message! You are the only one who always give me goosebumps in this year. Just promise us that you won't be separated. We feel your chemistry and love you beyond the bones!!!!!
Gonzalo Marquez
I repeat.... They deserved win ESC 2018... The best.., good luck EQUINOX from Argentina I hope listen to more songs !!
Do you think Bulgaria was trying too hard? I mean, they brought two amazing singers from the USA, made a collaboration just for ESC which ended up being great but........the song was way too heavy for an average listener, even I who loves this kind of songs, had to listen to it over and over again to love it. And let's be real, if we look at who won, her song was an easy ear worm while this is sadly not. I hope they continue sending quality acts and don't give up on it.
Ignacio BH
They deserved a better possition, in my opinion. Keep going Bulgaria!
Jimmy Belc
Shame on Europe for giving this little points for this masterpiece !! The most underrated song this year I really wonde why there is a jury if they don’t give points to these beautiful voices , this performance outclassed it all in my opinion, the taste of people is really bad I mean this song must be TOP 5 at least... wtf i am so upset ...
July Barka
Что это за жюри, которое не оценило Такой ВОКАЛИЩЕ??!!(((
Just playing games
Bulgaria won for me
Kemran Social
My favorite! Great song!
Krista K
I voted many times, i hoped that they will geta good place, but guess what? Poeple don’t like music, they only like big whales singing chicken sounds or half naked dancers/singers, sorry for others, BUT BULGARIA IS/WAS/WILL BE THE WINNER ❤️❤️
La Flemme
I give you my 12 points Bulgaria. From France
Why is this masterpiece so underrated??? DAMMIT!!! 😢
Laimonas S
For me Bulgaria won two last Eurovision contests. And Kristian Kostov and Equinox were amazing :)
Laura Le
14th?! REALLY?!😱😱 This masterpiece deserved at least top 5!!! ROBBED😫😫😫
Lizbeth Covenant
My favourite song of eurovision 2018. \u003c3 from Greece!
Lora Borisova
Kakto vinagi prekrasni ,mainata my na.evroviziq
Благодарим ви за това невероятно и достойно представление!! Наистина си оставихте ръцете на Евровизия. Много, много горди сме всички \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 Жана, обожавам те :DD
LussyBogalino I believe in one God only
Най-добрите никога не са първи - а и завистта на другите ги натиска надолу. Как ще позволят на България да победи а?
Mali Dev
I am very proud of Bulgaria and their song Bones, which was clearly intended to tell people that they shouldn't think twice about a person because of his/her race, religion etc. And we should all love beyond of what we are made and what we are taught, we should have an unconditional love !
Martin Mandev
Фестивала тази година беше един от най тъпите от 10 години насам. Българското представяне най-доброто без съмнение!
Real winners. Eurovision is rigged anyway.
Mike Van Exel
Best staging this year and the woman getting super high note at the end! I was shocked that they only got 14th. They deserved TOP 5. Love from Belgium! 🇧🇪
I agree with all of you guys, They are the true winners... Amazing song!
Nicolas Fuentes
14th?? I don't understand nothing\nAmazing everything Bulgaria
O. B.
To good for Eurovision!
Odysseas Mpikis
So guys that was the story of the biggest robbery in the Eurovision history.😭😭
Og Nargual
The outfit of the girl is so fucking nice very cool vibes
Oktay Tugay
Real winners of this year definitely! Stop voting politically Europe!
Perfect Darkness
This is too good for this \
Pey -Zi
Да бяхме влезли поне в топ 3. Онази кокошка как може да спечели?! България толкова се постараха да имат хем малко от 21 век, хем народно, за да прославят България. А тези ми избират някаква, която си мисли, че може да пее... Потресена съм.😒
14th for this MASTERPIECE? That’s a disgrace Eurofans. Bulgaria is becoming better and better the last 3 years! Greetings from your neighbors in Greece
Rachel Amber
Oh my god! The woman has really big lungs. The ending is the best! What a powerful voice! Great job Bulgaria!
Raffaele Raffaele
The true winners. i don't believe that they are ONLY 14TH. IT'S A SHAME.
Ricardo Freitas
Really 14th??? this was one the best songs!!! What's wrong with you Europe?! Compare this with the Chicken song! Greetings from Portugal!
You know what? You did great job, I'm amazed guyes, It was WORLDCLASS!!! Moldova, Austria... has more points than you? You can just smile and do your great job! love from Georgia \u003c3
Rossella Pintauro
Royce Dinata
even tho you guys didn't win the competition. but Your song always have a winner here on our heart! really a masterpiece. I sing your song everyday. really really love it. the composition so Amazing and Spectacular.
Shayla Lee
This was so underrated! I've expected this to be 100% in top 5, not 14th place :( This is masterpiece, jewel of the Grand Final alongside Italy and Austria (if we talk about the power and quality of vocals) :)
Sofia Gaishuk
They are winners in my heart❤
They were too good to win this cheap contest... i'm so sorry for Bulgaria which had the BEST song this year...keep on going with quality!thank you for this moment!🙏🙏🙏
Srećko Delibašić
They didn't win? Ok. But to finish 14th - THAT'S SHAME. Europe needs a new pair of ears.
Stefan Dobrev
Догодина викам да скипнем Саша Жан Баптист , това не беше най добрия стейджинг ще ме извинявате ..
Stoycho Stoychev
The worst eurovision ever!! . We don`t need chickens for 1st place, Bulgaria you are the winner for us, congratulations !! FULL RESPECT !
Имали българи тука :) Браво страхотни са EQUINOX :) Поздрави:)♥♥♥
T ee
Greetings from australia 🇦🇺. Bulgaria was my favorite this year . Beautiful voices , honestly deserved to win . Don't know what happened with the voting this year .
Templ Jam
Нищо против шведската ни сценографка. Мисля обаче, че точно хореографията ви изигра допълнително лоша шега. Тръгнахте от \
The second chorus just kills it. That black dude nails it, awesome and should have won
This was so good!Congratulations Bulgaria,from Portugal
Yolanda !
This is the reason I pursued watching Eurovision - to discover quality music to listen to.
Zoltán Varga
One of the best ! Congratulations to Bulgaria from Hungary! Real quality music! ( And was unfortunately very underrated by \nEurope........)
this didnt even reach top 5. Oh how low Eurovision has sunken
True winners !
eirini rellouba
Last year kristian, this year equinox,Come on People bulgaria had to win!!!!!i got goosebumbs every time i listen to these great voices!!
This song is too good for eurovision.
Come on! This song should have been at least on the top 3!
ivo HD
Макар да пиша 3 дена след като мина евровизията, все още съм шокиран и разочарован от това което се случи със нашите представители.. Не може песента да бъде невероятна, да бъде още по-невероятно изпълнена и истинска и да не сме първи, не в топ 5, а ПЪРВИ.. Защото това заслужаваше, но.... победителят също.. Добре нека нашите да не печелят, но да не говорим че имаше песни, които бяха по-добри... Нямам никакви думи..Но въпреки всичко аз съм доволен, че те се представиха блестящо и ни направиха горди!Благодарим ви, Equinox!❤❤❤🇧🇬
It's just a Masterpiece. Love you, Zana \u003c3\n(from Russia)
Such a shame they ranked that song 14th place. The juries need to unplug their ears and listen to a better quality of music. My support from Greece. I liked that song from the get go, and it's actually the only one besides the one from Cyprus I'm going to download. Cheers!
miles Ofsmiles
This song is soulgasm \u003c3\nWhen you alone are bigger than the whole contest!!!\nмайко мила колко ви обичам ей!!!!!!
miss iuliia
Вообще как можно было так занизить баллы... для меня это лучшее выступление и лучшая песня! Эта группа была создана из лучших!
rumena lazarova
Хора , това е виш пилотаж .Еврожизия не го заслужава щом не ножа да го оцени.EQUINOX направиха най - доброто шоу и вокално ,и визуално.
Özlem Kaya
The real winner of this year! That's the music that we want to hear!
Атанас Кралев
14th place? We deserved a better place!!!!\nSO U N F A I R !!!!
Живот със Синдром на Даун / Life with Down Syndrome
Достойно представяне! Гордеем се с вас, вие сте нашите победители! Песента, изпълнението ви, всичко беше перферктно! Ще се радваме да чуваме още ваши песни в този ви състав ♥♥♥♥
Ира Михайлова
Для меня это лучшая песня Евровидения 2018
Ксения Бутенко
So cool! Bulgaria
Настя Билецкая
I don’t remember in eurovision songs like that. They’re not winners because their level is more than can be expected in this show. My ears feel pleasure and the reason is amazing combination of voices and incredible song. I love it
Просто Человек
Что за чушь? Как можно было получить 14 место, за такой *ШЕДЕВР?* Это минимум должно было быть на 5 месте!!!\nОчень жаль, но Я рада, что смогла узнать про такую замечательную группу и песню!!!💗👏👏👏
Татьяна Конт
Считаю этот номер одним из лучших , если не самым лучшим на Евровидении. Это было просто потрясающе! Профессиональное жюри проголосовало неплохо, а вот зрители, мне кажется, просмотрели этот шедевр. Ребята - красавцы! Добра и удачи!
тетяна любченко
The best song of EV 2018. Love from Ukraine😙