Geometry Introduction, Basic Overview - Review For SAT, ACT, EOC, math lessons, Midterm / Final Exam

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This geometry review tutorial provides a basic introduction into common topics taught in geometry such as angles and measurement, area, perimeter, volume, surface area. It covers shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, right triangles, isosceles triangles, scalene triangles, equilateral triangles, spheres, cones, right circular cylinders, cubes, rectangular prism, rhombus, quadrilaterals, and more. This video contains the equations and formulas that you will need for your test. This tutorial is useful for students who want a quick geometry review for the sat, act, eoc, gre, gmat, fsa, cat, regents or ged exams. it's also useful for high school and college students who are studying for their midterm or final exams. This study guide review tutorial will help you master the most common shapes and concepts taught in a typical geometry course.Here is a list of topics:1. Geometry - Basic Introductions2. Circles - Radius, Diameter, Area and Circumference Formulas3. Right Triangles and Pythagorean Theorem4. Special Right Triangles5. Area of a Right Triangle Equation6. Isosceles Right Triangles7. Area of Scalene Triangle Using Heron's Formula8. Area of a Triangle Using Sines9. Equilateral Triangle Area Formula10. Special Right Triangles - 30 60 90 and 45 45 90 triangles11. Similar Triangles and Proportions - Street light Problem12. How to find the area of the shaded region13. Triangles Within Circles14. Area and Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles - Length and Width15. Finding the Area of a square given the length of the diagonal16. Area of Parallelogram Formula17. Area of Isosceles Trapezoid Equation18. Right Circular Cylinder, Volume, Lateral Area and Surface Area19. Circular Cone - Lateral Area + Base = Surface Area20. Cube - Volume, Surface Area and Length of Diagonal21. Rectangular Prism - Volume, Surface Area and Diagonal Length Formula22. Rhombus - Area and Perimeter - Diagonals Interesect23. Area of Sector of a Circle Given Angle and Radius24. Arc Length of a Circle Given Angle in Degrees25. Circles, Chords, and Triangles26. Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon - Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon and Hexagon27. Lines, Angles, and Linear Pairs28. Supplementary Angles add up to 18029. Alternate Interior Angles and Alternate Exterior Angles30. Corresponding Angles vs Vertical Angles31. Parallel Lines and Transversal32. Law of Sines For Solving Triangles33. Sphere - Volume and Surface Area Problem34. Area and Perimeter of Irregular Figures35. Diagonals of Rhombus Bisect at 90 degrees36. 3 4 5 right triangle37. 6-8-10 right triangle38. Special Right Triangles - 5-12-13, 7-24-25, and 8-15-17

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