4 Important Lessons For A Successful Life

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The Professor tells over a story from his childhood which his father told hm. These 4 important lessons for a successful life will definetly shed a new light on how to be the best you can be. SUBSCRIBE:SnapChat - @MeirKayDirector/ProducerMeir Kay DP/Editor:Joris RollersteadyCo - Producer:Elliot FuchsThanks For Watching!

a valuable lesson for a happier life meir kalmanson meir kay professor

Love all your videos 😍😍\nI wish I can Meet the professor☄️
Adir Aroasti
Thank you for all the value professor
Ahmed Bahubaishi
Valuable lessons . What is this man's name ?
Ajay Jp
TKU MEIR KAY .................\nFOR THE VALUABLE LESSONS.........😉😉😉
Alamgir Sk
That is right
Alpha Al-Zadjali
The fourth one gave me chills\nNever expected it\n\nAmazing lessons\nThank you😁😗
Arnold Kanarek
I just had a difficult moment last night. Today in class I told my students of my dumb mistake and we made it a learning moment!
Bear Grylls Fans
I love this!
Bruri Melky Laimeheriwa
Can you give me, profesor name. Please?
Buddima Dalpathadu
This is amazing..
Choose to Shine
I love this. I used to hear this story in my own language but I want to hear the same thing in different point of view.\nAnd I love this so much. Thanks for sharing and creating the precious works to heal the minds in such chaotic time.\nLove channel like this.\nFrom non-English-speaker, Thailand.\nI also learn English from this kinds of videos.\nTherefore, I get better English, and better MINDSET.\nAppreciate it. (:
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Praise beyond the words
Darren Mc Grath
Thank you........subbed
David Jain
Mind blown all of that in a simple pencil. Thanks !
Diana Medre
Drum Sholto
Man who has given it a dislike.. I want to ask : how could ya. Well maybe you don't get his English. Is it?
Dévora Juailler Aragón
Gorb Locke
I want to give this prof a hug
Jozi Blinishta
Love it!Thank u very much for this amazing opportunity to think different👌😍
Judy Herzfeld
Life involves pain, erasing our mistakes, continuing to try & 'write', & remembering that what's inside you is most important. (The lead to write.)
Khumo Thage
Koronswagg 17
Save your money and your money will save you.
What is the name of this man? I love the video's!
Mandip Bhandari
i want to follow all the things learnt from you meir kay 😊😊😊
Marie Murphy
Wow....short & powerful. Thank you Meir and THANK YOU Professor!
Marthy Girma
Love it this
Great and inspiring video
Netra Neelesh Vaidya
Very true....😀
Ngô Nhất Nam
Pencil doesn't grow, it's getting shorter everytime you sharpen it. Just like humans, life is shorter everytime you try to do something, but it shorten even faster if you do nothing but watching \
Omega Legion
This teacher voice .. sucker punch movie
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I don't usually subscribe but you got me...thanks a lot
Rajveer Jolly
to be honest I don't understand Why he doesn't have like 8 Million subs. This stuff is so much better than\n\nEngland is my city.
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أريده مترجم
Soledad Paramore
I need subtitles in spanish!!
I want to know this professor please
Zero Miles
YouTube has broken borders !
dillon thompson
I love the pencil parable
flying colors
I just subscribed this channel, the content is working as a healer for me. Keep up the great work. We need such lessons in life to cope up the pain, failure, regrets and difficulties of our life. Thank you!
herry alieli
Wow illd like to follow yoj
kootoo B
So true and beautiful way to teach powerful lessons
شو اسم الدكتور؟
simcha yaffa
דבר ראשון אחלה סרטון ואחלה מסר\nדבר שני מאיפה אתה לוקח את כל הרעיונות המבריקים האלו לסרטונים שלך?\nתודה רבה\nשמחה:)
Thanks meir! Each are valuable lessons in their own right. Who knew you could learn so much from a pencil! Keep em coming!!!
stay positive
good lessons I always learn something meaningful thanks 😊😊😊
sureshchandra pandya
Finest inspirational lesson.\nWe should learn soon.
yehoshua wildman
i learned more from this professor then I ever learn in school. ( keep up the good work Meir you are going to get to a 100,000 subscribers really you deserve 10 million but you know it's YouTube
Апай Каркова
Дурыс аитылган соз
مستانہ ماہی
Amazing lessons !!! Any one can tell me his name !! Its really god gifted the view of a teacher’s sight !! ❣️