Thailand on the verge: forum at ANU, April 21 2010

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Nicholas Farrelly, Peter Jackson, Andrew Walker and Peter Warr take part in Thailand on the Verge, a forum at The Australian National University on Wednesday 21 April 2010. For more Thai politics analysis:

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Now our country, \
Greight Bob
why dont they make rainbow faction that-le bring them all together !
Jeffy Young
Good job
Ratinan Lee
What really is democracy? What really is dictatorship? Mostly Thai people misunderstand.
dwadawd Manwad
Very superficial.
ebi kung
Help yourselves before helping others. We don't need your suggestions. You said you are from the University but you did research based on Google?. What kind of research is that? Do you know that most of Thai people are poor. Some even never touch the computer. Many cannot read English. So how can you assume some information from weak evidence like that?\r\nAnd Bangkok is not Thailand. If you said you were in Bangkok then you assume that Oh, I know Thailand very well. You are totally wrong.