Cranius - Make Me Get My Main



This song is available on iTunes and

Big Blue Dress Widescreen


This song is on my album, . Many people have been ...

Happy Place


A version of this song is available on iTunes and

Cranius - Dont Make Me Get My Main (IRL Style)


I music and videos, so when my digital media teacher said we needed to create a music video, I jumped ...

Get My Main - with subtitles (and an additional PvP scene)


Version with subtitles. I added a funny PvP scene at the end that we couldnt fit in with the lyrics.

Dont Make Me Get My Main


The MP3 for this song is on my newly-released album, : ...

Cranius Presents - Dont Make Me Get My Main (Album Version)


This is not my song.All rights going to Cranius. This is the original song but in this song dont have game sound or effects on ...

Dont Make Me Get My Main


This movie won 1st prize in the movie contest at Blizzcon 2009. Its a collaboration of me and Cranius, featuring an original song ...

Blizzcon 2009 Contest Winners


The Winner of the Original Music/ Movie, And Dance contest Here is the Youtube channel to Legs the winner of the video contest.

ASMONGOLD REACTS TO - World of Warcraft Music Video - Twitch Highlights


Hope you guys enjoyed this video of asmongold reacting to this GOOFY video XD Drop a Sub. ASMONGOLD REACTS TO t ...

Highwayman Wide Screen


This is one of my older videos that was done in wide screen format. I uploaded it to and a fan uploaded ...

Dont Make Me Get My Main Cover /w Song


Cranius - Dont Make Me Get My Main Request by Bluestormdeath.

Cranius - Hurt (with lyrics)


More Cranius songs to come! (I take no credit for the song or the footage.) Credits: Cover by Cranius WoW Footage by ...

Ulduar - with subtitles


Cranius asked for my help to make a video for this song, and how could I have said No? This song was written by the very talented ...

Dont Make Me Get My Main Cover


This is a cover of Craniust Make Me Get My Main. A friend that plays WoW sent me this and even though I despise the ...

Dont Make Me Get My Main


Trying to get my baby mage across Durotar when a pair of arena gods refuse to let me pass. Some bug keeps most of my ...

Wrought (with subtitles)


Here, is by my friends, the Seattle Rock ...

Dont Make me get my Main Lyrics


Sry for the inactivity guys waiting to get my Pally up to lvl 90 for a special PvP Montage but in the meantime heres a lyrics video ...