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Frerard - Find a Way (Gerard Frank)


Frank Gerard = Frerard ♥ Best Frends Forever.

Random Frerard Stuff


NEW VIDEO AT 1K VIEWS*** basically stuff that didnt find its way into my first youtube video The videos and pictures used in this ...

MCR - projekt revolution ( the Frerard fight )


My Chemical Romance live, the sharpest .

Frerard: The Battle to Find The One Part 9


OMG !! O.o is this the end ? anyway ...most of the video is songs that Gerard and Frank sang to eachother ^^ enjooy!

Gerard Way/Frank Iero/Frerard edits Part 2!


These are all my own edits. My vine/fan account on Insta are both angel_cupcakegee. Sadly I dont remember all of the songs ...

Frerard @ Projekt Revolution [Frank Iero/Gerard Way]


A Frerard video made by me. Leave your comments.

frerard moments pt. 1


its March 19th so happy anniversary of the last performance of MCR as a band march 22nd is on its way, which means four years ...

The Frerard Song!!!

2:35 finally...the long awaited Frerard song is here...yeah, we actually made it! Bet ya didnt see that coming! I bet you all ...

THEY KISSED!!! Frerard Moments Reaction Part 2 (Frank Iero and Gerard Way)


LazyJamie reaction to frerard moments. Subscribe for daily reaction videos on what you want! Join the Lazy Crew today! Original ...

Another Frerard Video


Yet another Frerard video [featuring Gerard Way and Frank Iero] to the songs Find a Way and Say Days Ago by the Used and ...

Frerard - Broken


Frank/Gerard. This time, I needed to...

Frerard evidence/undeniable proof.


Three interviews (there might be more, but with this three is enough) that Frerard EXISTS. Dont.

JOURNEY of Soulmates - FRERARD


Gerard s life (relationship) journey all the way back from 2003 up until now with specific quotes from their poems and ...

Frerard - Iris ( Gerard Frank )


Frank Gerard = Frerard ♥ Best Frends Forever.

My Chemical Romance - The Famous Kiss


I recorded one of the big screens at Projekt Revolution cus I was walking around to far from the stage during my chems set and I ...

FRERARD: The Full Story (and Undeniable Proof)


Im poor Idk how Patreon works but hey if you like my videos help me out or something man: .

Frank Iero | Gerard Way | Frerard Vines


Those special vines that make you want to regurgitate your soul into a few buckets.CC

frerard moments: a masterpost


here it is, new and improved. watch this one, everyone. not the other ones. IMPORTANT REMINDER: please do not associate this ...

Frank Iero | Gerard Way | Frerard Vines #2


None of these vines are mine Credits to creators and original owners. AYYYY nuMBER 2 this was hard to make considering the ...CC