Livid Elements

Livid Elements demo: Pailo


Musician, producer, and Livid extraordinaire Pailo does it again with integrating Elements modular MIDI setup with his eurorack ...

DIY MIDI Controller with 128 knobs (Hardware by Livid Instruments)


Buy limited Audio CDs or Digital Web Downloads (FLAC MP3) by Prypjat Syndrome here:  ...

Livid Instruments | NAMM | ProAudioStar


Jay from Livid Instruments shows us their line of custom MIDI controllers from DJ, video, and electronic instruments. First Look @ Livid Code MIDI controller


Join us for our First Look at the new CODE controller from Livid Technologies. This MIDI controller features 32 full rotary encoders ...

Livid Ohm64 with Ohm Modes for Ableton Live


Our intern here at Livid who also owns an Ohm64 did this great demo showing how the Ohm Modes script for Ableton Live works ...

Livid Elements series overview


Introducing Livid Elements, the completely modular MIDI controller platform.  ...

Unboxing - Livid Instruments Minim - Best Bluetooth Controller ever??


Today I received the much anticipated Minim from a Campaign created by Livid Instruments to create a new Pocket ...

Setting up Livid ELEMENTS Modular System


A basic guide on setting up your Elements modular MIDI controller system from Livid Instruments: ...

Livid Instruments Builder V2


Brain v2 expands the original Brain with a lot more functionality, allowing you to get your homemade midi controller.

Livid Instruments Richie Hawtin CNTRL:R


DJ Richie Hawtin teamed up with Austin, Texas-based Livid Instruments to build this step sequencer and MIDI controller for Live, ...

ELEMENTS Modular VJ Controller


Elements Modular VJ Controller. Examples of it being used with CellDNA and Arkaos Grand VJ.

Reason 5 and Livid Instruments Elements Custom Controller Test- Simoniel


testing custom built midi controller based on Livid . Some modules are bought finished some are ...

Reason 8


band page .

Livid Instruments Builder Box Review How-To Video


G.W. Childs shows how he made a MIDI controller using Livid Instruments Builder Box for Ask.Audio. Full review: ...

The Livid Instruments CNTRL:R


CNTRL:R is a contemporary portable MIDI performance controller for creative music production: ...