Veil Of Maya Bow In cover

Veil of Maya - We Bow In Its Aura (Guitar Cover)


My tab of this song is now up on Ultimate Guitar!

Veil of Maya - Whistleblower - Drum Cover - Brandon Johnson


Brandon Johnson, from Baton Rouge Louisiana. 19 years old. This may be my last cover from this album. Who knows ;) I use ...

Veil of Maya - We Bow in its Aura (Guitar Cover)


Excuse minor mistakes, just been in a huge VoM mood lately when it comes to playing my guitar and damn is it fun. Stay tuned for ...

Veil Of Maya - Fracture (Full Guitar Cover)


Hey guys, heres some more Veil of Maya. Fracture kek. I hope you guys liked it. Thanks for watching! Thall lol My bandcamp: ...

Veil Of Maya - We Bow In It´s Aura Cover


The most brutal guitar riff ever...

Veil of Maya: Mikasa by Kevin Danneman


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Veil Of Maya - We Bow In Its Aura (Guitar Cover)


Check out my band Wrong Way To Die! Enjoy ;)

VEIL OF MAYA - We Bow In Its Aura


Lyrics: Triumphant beyond its glory Like a towering prize they stand tall From their hands a demonic entity, as it comes to life The ...

Veil Of Maya (Official Music Video)


Veil Of Maya off of the album, [id] Buy [id] here: Buy Veil Of Maya merch here: ...

Veil Of Maya - Eclipse


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Veil Of Maya - Punisher - Guitar cover


My cover of VOMs Punisher. My brother lent me his GoPro so i decided to experiment a bit with a different angle. Hope you dig ...

Ocean Signals - We Bow in its Aura (Veil of Maya Guitar Playthrough)


So i decided to do a cover of Veil of Maya - We Bow In Its AuraHope you all enjoy!Ocean SignalsFacebook: ...

Veil of Maya - We bow in its aura (cover)


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